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Kinda got myself cornered really. Having made all this brouhaha about the local elections, I feel I have to jump the final hurdle and offer people as accessible a view as is possible of what the parties are saying they'll commit to both in our neighbourhood and in our borough. Then I'm almost ready to shut up and leave the rest between you and the polling booth.

So below are two documents which have derived their content solely from documents published by the parties, either in their manifestos, on local websites or through postings on HoL.

The first document lists policies for all the parties as structured by them. The second compares the commitments of the two main parties in categories decided by us, based on an analysis of the commitments made in the first document. (Time prevents me doing all parties, but anyone's welcome!).

The only other thing I have to offer by way of analysis is two Wordles I produced from the Candidate interviews.

Why do I do all this? I really do think it matters. I think it matters that we know what and who we're voting for and I think it matters that the people we're voting for know that we know it matters. It's easy to assume that it's the General Election that counts, but in fact in many ways the day-to-day quality of our life is more likely to be affected by what our Council does.

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Thank you very much Hugh. It'll all be worth it in the end. Some local politician will nominate you for an OBE for services to local democracy...
I've done wordle's for the actual manifestos.

This is the Lib Dem one:

And this is the Labour one:

Which as you can probably tell was nigh on useless.
The Lib Dems seem to have a slight obsession with Labour which isn't very positive and Labour seem to realise that their voters want to be able to drive through our streets and hence promise nothing on traffic.

BTW, what Hugh did was much more work than what I did.
How did you do those J? I couldn't get the pdfs to export to Word.
Nice one on the manifestos. Dare I say it but might it be possible to do one for the other major party - The Conservative Party?

In an ideal world Tim I would, but it takes time and I'm afraid I've focussed my time on the two parties from who will be drawn the next administration. Whilst I wish you the best of luck on Thursday, even if you are returned as a councillor, it's very unlikely that it'll be as part of the majority party. Purely a matter of allocating my time Tim. I hope you'll understand.

You can do one, just go to wordle and copy-and-paste
Like most threads on most bulletin boards this one has degenerated almost immediately into a geeky diversion about something completely else. And now I'm guilty of that.

Glancing down the comparison of commitments the main difference seems to be the extent to which the commitment can objectively measured. E.g. Lib "at least 6 new police teams" "200 more litter bins" "freeze council tax" vs Lab "work hard to ..." . I suspect Sharon Shoosmith could demonstrate she was working hard!

And why "Carry out anti-social behaviour workshops in schools." ? Don't the little sods have a sufficient network already for spreading their vile techniques ever wider.
a very useful read, thanks.
Great stuff Hugh - I read it and decided who gets my vote :)
Personally, the videos give a much better picture.
do you think so? I have just watched the videos and found them completely uninspiring. I'm not sure if any of them are up to the job based on the video evidence...



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