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Before I moved here, I used to sporadically attend the excellent Hackney Bike Workshop http://hackneybikeworkshop.com/ (off Mare Street)

They have a wide range of bike tools and can provide assistance with bike maintenance and general repair.

Just wondering if there is anything similar a bit closer to home?

I know that there's been a few events recently with the excellent Dr Bike, who are very knowledgeable, but through necessity travel with a limited tool set.

Hackney Bike Workshop started an evening in Stoke Newington this year, but if there was something more local, I'd love to hear about it.

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Hi Gordon,

I don't think we have anything closer to home - we always circulate the details of the Hackney Bike Workshop to our email list.

Would be interesting to know if there are any smaller similar projects out there!

p.s. Do drop in to our Monthy Meeting on Monday at The Great Northern Railway Taven from 7.30pm!

anna, on behalf of Haringey Cycling Campaign

Thanks Anna, I'll  endeavour to join you on one of the monthly meets


Here's a link to the Waltham Forest Recycling Bike project, quite close to Haringey. Hope it helps. I have found Chris to be very helpful. I think that they also sell second hand bikes on the first Saturday of every month.


Hi Gordon,

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is offering Haringey Residents a free manintenance course. Sign up for free bike maintenance training includes: Safety inspection, Adjustment of handlebars and stem, Brakes, gears - the importance of cables, Wheel removal and re-fitting, puncture repairs and recommendations for routine servicing.

Time : 10.00am -3.00pm

Date:  17-11-2012

Venue: Wodberry Down Baptist Church

If you would like to participate in this course or have a question  please email Mathijs Leenhouts (mathijs.leenhouts@tottenhamhotspur.com) or call the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation 0208 365 5169

Also upcoming Thurday, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is orginising a bike ride;

Date:                                  8th November 2012

Start time:                          2:00pm

Starting point:                     Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Bill Nicholson way, 748 High Road,

                                          Tottenham, London N17 0AP                                     

Age restrictions:                  Adults 16+

Estimate Duration:              1hour 30mins  ( 1hour 0mins cycling)

Average speed:                   Leisurely (7-8mph)

Cycling ability:                    Average

Also for this ride if you would like to participate in this course or have a question  please email Mathijs Leenhouts (mathijs.leenhouts@tottenhamhotspur.com) or call the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation 0208 365 5169


Both oppertunities are free of charge but limited!

Hi, last week I visited the Green Wheels project at the Selby Trust in Selby Rd, Tottenham N17 8JL.  Michael runs a free drop-in bike workshop there every Thursday noon-6pm.  It can be quiet there as they don't advertise, but they also get groups of kids from local schools.  Phone: 020 8885 5499. www.selbytrust.co.uk

If anyone hears of others, please let me know.  Haringey do of course run free maintenance courses which I teach.  There are Haringey projects not open to the public - two I know of for users of mental health services, another at a play scheme - & last summer there was the fab project at Hale Village run by Living Under One Sun.

Dr Bike dates for 2015 start May 3rd & are now on Haringey's cycling page, here's the link to the flyer: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/free_dr_bike_m...

I tried to find something local a few months back but ended up going down to London Bike Kitchen in hackney to borrow specialist tools. Would definitely use something more local if it was there.

On a related topic does anyone know a charity/shop/project that could make use of a batch of free second hand bike parts (wheels, quick release skewers, maybe aframe)?

Bikes 4 Good Causes, 350 High Rd, Wood Green N22 8JW, 8888 1005

Bikeworks in Bethnal Green: www.bikeworks.org.uk

As for LBK, I'd also highly recommend it either as a drop-in or one of their courses - www.lbk.org.uk



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