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Residents, Residents Groups and Traders in the Green Lanes / Harringay Ladder area may not be aware of the handsome consultation document detailing the new Green Lanes proposals which has just been published on behalf of the Green Lanes Strategy Group.

This is available to download at:

Paper copies have been produced in limited quantity and are available at Stroud Green Library, Tao Sports and Cherie Hair Salon.

Views and comments are invited and welcomed and the closing date for these is 21 June 2013. 'If no major objections are received', works are planned to start in July/August 2013 and will last 9-12 months.

Comments should be emailed to: frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk
or posted to: Frontline Consultation, London Borough of Haringey, FREEPOST NAT 20390, PO Box 264, London N22 8BR

This is the one opportunity to have a close look at all the detail and to make constructive comments.

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Matthew this is sensible, generous and optimistic. It reflects the person I remember from the couple of times we met and talked. 

But - you knew a 'but' was coming - it also seems over-optimistic to expect "the end of the offload culture". Not because that's an undesirable aim; nor because it's outside the wishes and capability of people engaged with this website.

It might just be because a discussion which becomes overheated and bad tempered is one fairly predictable way that social network websites may work. And incidentally one reason why some people decide to avoid engaging with them. (Not the only reason.)

I was digging in my memory for when I first came across this idea. Well, in general terms I came across it reading stuff on group dynamics - Bion and other people. But specifically about the net, it was Clay Shirky. So thanks for sending me back to look. And so rereading Shirky's 2004 article about "flaming" and experiments to prevent it - including "netiquette".

Shirky has written other helpful things which I can't quickly click my mouse on. Maybe you'd like to look and share links.

There's also a lot of online advice by other people, which I find useful. For example, how not to come across as cruel, rude and sarcastic in email, without meaning to.

Thanks Allan, I did watch the Shock and Orr vid on Vimeo, and I have been feeling sorry that I haven't responded to the issues faced with the future of the high street in Tottenham , your an amazing resource for the community and I hope an agreeable solution can be reached for Tottenham, thanks for your input. I think you would apreciate Citizen architect, with Michael Rotondi, He said, it's easy for us to have an abstract opinion about how to solve people's problems, if you get involved you have to earn the respect of the people your building for."

Citizen Architect: Alabama
Auburn University Rural Studio, Newbern

What's an " offload culture " ?  Seems to be unknown to Google.

''offload culture'' = ''use of tax shelters'' ... although Google may have had that definition removed. But I guess you Hewit new it already.

If I had known it, I wouldn't have asked. Thanks, but I don't see how that fits with Cuthbert's post   " Intended messages don't always get perceived how they were intended, I hope this is the end of the  use of tax shelters " ??

Yes, as Clay Shirky was saying . . .

Very good, a new rhyming slang born in Harringay.
Offloading yielded more as an urban term, then I found psychological projection,
so I'm a smarter bean for your query, it's a modern phenomena,
that's common in one form or another, if you don't recognise it
your doing ok.

I have absolutely no idea what you are saying. It seems to be my day for incomprehension

Your an exception Nicolas, thank you.

Not reviving the discussion (which has been done to death) but thought I’d let folk know what was happening on the consultation. I queried the month-long delay on the Council responding to questions and objections and got this reply today from the Project Manager -

Apologies for our late response to the Statutory Notification. We have been liaising with Councillors to investigate the feasibility of alternative options for scheme elements that have received objection. We hope to post a Statutory Notification Analysis report on the Green Lanes Council webpage within the next two weeks; and I will also email a copy of the report to all respondents to the Statutory Notification exercise.

Stephen Jones
Major Schemes Project Manager



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