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Residents, Residents Groups and Traders in the Green Lanes / Harringay Ladder area may not be aware of the handsome consultation document detailing the new Green Lanes proposals which has just been published on behalf of the Green Lanes Strategy Group.

This is available to download at:

Paper copies have been produced in limited quantity and are available at Stroud Green Library, Tao Sports and Cherie Hair Salon.

Views and comments are invited and welcomed and the closing date for these is 21 June 2013. 'If no major objections are received', works are planned to start in July/August 2013 and will last 9-12 months.

Comments should be emailed to: frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk
or posted to: Frontline Consultation, London Borough of Haringey, FREEPOST NAT 20390, PO Box 264, London N22 8BR

This is the one opportunity to have a close look at all the detail and to make constructive comments.

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 There are two problems with this Matt.

One of the problems is although its called a "trial" or "an experiment" there doesn't seem to be much attempt to actually do a proper experiment with  before and after measurements. So far it sounds like Hewit residents may have been consulted on the change but no other Harringay residents have, if thats how the after measurements are going to be done too then obviously the "experiment" will be deemed a terrific success because the new problems the change causes wont even be recorded.

The other problem is with what happens to the Hewit road traffic. Everyone accepts that Hewit is one of the busiest of the Ladder roads, and that the direction change will divert all that traffic somewhere else. Its not hard to work out which streets would get that traffic, we don't need a trial to see as its pretty obvious and easy to work out, and no one has disputed the estimates that have been presented here of which streets those are and with the level of traffic increase they would see.

So in order to gain a relatively small improvement to the quality of pedestrian experience in the new improved Green Lanes piazza area this change would more than double the traffic volume of the currently relatively quiet residential streets one by a park predominantly used by smaller children and another by a primary school! It sounds a bit ridiculous when put like that doesn't it? What would going ahead with this option say about our community priorities and our community leaders?

One way to help alleviate those problems might be to switch the direction of a couple of other Ladder streets at the same time, but it seems simpler to first try the alternative option Rob mentioned of having a no right turn out of Hewit enforced by a camera issuing FPNs. And the money raised from those FPNs could help fund the proper traffic management study in Harringay that is so desperately needed.

Great reply Ant. All really good points.

I DO NOT accept that Hewit Road is the busiest road. I have tried to post on here before which roads I think are the worst and it was deleted because Hugh was worried about complaints from people on those roads (they think it affects their property prices). There are other roads which are worse, Hewit is just the squeaky wheel.

Stop repeating this mantra that Hewit is the worst. IT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!!

Yes, i wish i'd worded that differently now. Its a shame there's not a way for us all to edit comments.

Frequency is only part of the problem, proximity, conflicting traffic systems, data doesn't exist in our heads, it's more personal perception, if you do a study make sure it is robust enough to take criticism from officials, the more solid information the better.
If you asked me if traffic speeds on Green Lanes, I'd say yes, and yet officers say its acceleration...it's frustrating, we need regular inforcement, might be better when it's a twenty
zone, but will stop them doing thirty, its ok to loose three points on the Nirth circular under a bridge but not in a residential area.

John, as you know Liz and I have always tried to run the site as a constructive influence in the neighbourhood. Very occasionally, where posts contravene house rules, we ask members to edit posts or we edit or delete them ourselves.

I don't remember the detail of the post you're referring to, but I do recall receiving several emails from people who for one reason or another felt that a current discussion was unfairly tarnishing their patch. In a couple of cases people who were selling their houses felt what was being said on HoL would not give prospective buyers a complete and balanced picture of the situation under discussion, but might nonetheless put them off from buying. In such cases, where there is a balance of judgement and where the circumstances seem to warrant it, I think it's fair to give such people the benefit of the doubt. In other cases, I've edited posts where particular neighbours are identified as part of a neighbour dispute.

All our terms and conditions are published and can be accessed via the grey strip at foot of the page. I'm happy to debate these - on another thread perhaps - but please understand, Liz and I rarely intervene, despite the requests we get to do so.  When I do so, generally what I'm trying to achieve is to balance the interests of those who want to share their thoughts with others with the needs of those who feel unfairly disadvantaged by what is written. In a strange quirk of fate, some people who demand absolute liberty to say what they will on HoL have written to us asking us to delete or amend other postings. 

I have no doubt that your judgement on these issues would differ to mine on any number of occasions, but I do take the responsibility I hold seriously and I do my best within the time I have available.

Perhaps it may give you some reassurance, Thérèse, if I mention that Hugh has very occasionally queried and even more rarely removed one of my posts.

But it's not alarming and not a problem The first rule of websites: The admins are always right.

You may have come across a phrase: "killing your babies"  - used by journalists about the work of their sub-editors.

Thank you for your words Therese. On the matter of what I deleted from your comment: I removed both the name of the road and the period of time the identified person has been living there because I consider these both to be personal pieces of data that may be revealed by the person concerned but should not be disclosed by anyone else - on this website at least

Ohmani ominum ohmani ominum... It's not working !
What happens when you leaflet two roads against another?, seems devisive,
has anyone noticed this behaviour?, I'm curious to find out more.
This was a post from my other half, didn't log out of my mail, easily done, I won't delete it as it will disrupt the thread, I feel that it is incredibly important for residents to form an association, for community, socially and become supportive and familiar with fellow residents, you will find a great resource under your nose, it is important to remain inclusive and outreach to new members, you won't always like what you hear, the benefits outweigh the negatives, you'll be enriched for having connected, the spirit on our road has always remained positive, we do a great Conga!

I can't commend this project warmly enough. I have one main comment: once its finished, it deserves to be maintained. Once all the work is done, will it be maintained? Unlike some other places, will anything be done here about expectoration, dog fouling and litter dropping?



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