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The statutory notification analysis is up on the council website, see the Green Lanes page or this direct link to the report.

The conclusion says:

At this stage of the programme the scheme design has been through a number of engagement processes with the community and so only those with specific concerns will usually provide further comment.The low number of representations received indicates that the proposals are generally supported.

With regards to the proposal to reverse the direction of traffic along Hewitt Road, the amount of representations received opposing this initiative requires the council to consider alternatives.

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Trying to use the closure of the Gardens as justification to close Wightman Road is a little optimistic. Wightman road is much longer than the path through the Gardens, and it also contains a number of businesses which most likely benefit from the existence of through traffic.

Also, even if Wightman road were closed at both ends, what would stop someone from avoiding a large portion of Green Lanes by going up, say, Umfreville road, and exiting further down near the Turnpike lane end?

I totally agree, the suggestion of reversing the flow along Hewitt Road is the typical nonsence that comes from an external consultant.  The Ladder streets sensibly alternate and this is the way it should stay.  I do use Hewitt Road about once a week as travelling from the other side of the railway, I avoid Green Lanes.  However there is no traffic problem here.  If there were a perceived problem here then the junction at the Salisbury needs a redesign so the lights control the exit from Hewitt Road, and the southbound Green Lanes lights moved 50m.

As for the suggestion of closing off Wightman Road, this would cause utter chaos in the area where traffic management is frankly a total nightmare!

Isn't this another cock-up from Councillor Canver's portfolio?

Residents from Hewitt were involved in the regeneration plan and charmed her into trying this on. It's just one of those things.

If you think a little more about it, the random alternating has meant that some traffic is shared unfairly because of the desire lines of motorists. In the case of Hewitt Rd it is people heading east after crossing the railway down at Finsbury Park or up at Turnpike Lane. They can't go through the gardens or Hermitage Rd, they have to use St Anns and therefore Hewitt Rd is the best one to use.

If it were not Hewitt Road, it would then be Beresford Road that carried the traffic from Wightman to Green Lanes.  Since my earlier post I've looked at the long discussion on Wightman Road. I come to Wightman Road to see my super hairdresser and the fact that I can drive and park my car opposite Sylvias is a boon.  Those small traders do benefit from some passing trade and Moka is a lovely little independent coffee shop.  Wightman Road is now a 20 zone, it needs completely resurfacing, and the pedestrian crossing refuges and markings  are needed more here than in Green Lanes.  At least there are lights by Harringay (West) station entrance.

I could go on and on, but this is an area which professionally as a member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, which just about defies everything I was ever taught about Traffic Environmental Management Schemes.  But this is the department that gets officers who were not properly trained, whereas I attended my lectures!  And sometimes the theory does work, but also common sense has a big part to play! Cheers!



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