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The statutory notification analysis is up on the council website, see the Green Lanes page or this direct link to the report.

The conclusion says:

At this stage of the programme the scheme design has been through a number of engagement processes with the community and so only those with specific concerns will usually provide further comment.The low number of representations received indicates that the proposals are generally supported.

With regards to the proposal to reverse the direction of traffic along Hewitt Road, the amount of representations received opposing this initiative requires the council to consider alternatives.

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Well, I have a great deal of sympathy with those on Hewitt Rd who were looking forward to this but hopefully their  very influential voices can be added to the calls to close off Wightman Rd at either end.

The last bit is old news. Influence for votes (local elections 2014) left Hewitt & went to the Greek Orthodox Church of Frobisher Rd - half a re-tarmacking job but nay matter. It's in the bag for one councillor.

Meaning what exactly, Matt?

(Tottenham Hale councillor)

" The low number of representations received indicates that the proposals are generally supported. "

Or it could just be apathy ?

John, I'd prefer not to impute any views or attitudes to someone who doesn't respond to a survey or a consultation. For the simple reason that I don't actually know  why someone didn't respond. Of course, I can speculate.  Or simply ignore them.

Or I could even try to find out. There are research methods which attempt to do this. 

From time to time since I was first elected to the Council in 1998, I've heard this assertion that lack of response shows that people are happy with a proposal. This idiotic nonsense is usually trotted out by councillors rather than officers (council staff). 

Although it also suits many staff. Haringey is currently - in several senses - a 101 council.  So there are always at least 101 excellent reasons why "leading" councillors and senior officers are invariably right. And conversely, 101 irrefutable reasons why alternative ideas and proposals from residents are wrong.

Apart from the very low numbers for some streets - which are dismissed by officers but should worry them - I was dismayed that nobody bothered to check the Analysis document for spelling. What a very sloppy department we pay for!

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

Not disagreeing with that but as was pointed out on the earlier thread - this wasn't a survey or a consultation it was a notification,  I expect that may have contributed to fewer response than a consultation would have got. Another factor could be that, as i understand it, there is no obligation to change anything based on notification responses. "consider alternatives" - it may turn out, after consideration, that the alternatives are not pratical and they carry on as planned.

Fair points, Ant. 

But any agency which has the slightest ambition to be a learning organisation needs to treat each engagement with the public as another opportunity to listen, learn, and modify plans. Otherwise it's simply going through the motions mechanically and in bad faith.

Imputing a single view to all non-responders - that they generally agree - may be accurate. Or it may be wildly inaccurate. In my observation of say, parking proposals, people often don't 'get' the implications until something actually happens. It's the Vogon Constructor fleet.  

Imagine if the council had "listened to residents" over CPZs? Sometimes the residents are wrong and the council is right.

Personally I think we should have some independent residents who volunteer to scrutinise the council's workings. We could even hold elections for them if more than one person wants to do it for each area, maybe every four years? Oh wait...

"Sometimes the residents are wrong and the council is right."

Of course. Which is why, John, the aim should be healthy, open, ongoing dialogue between "lay" and professional people.

Nothing like that happened here and frankly the council have made a very poor case for objecting to the closing of Wightman Rd to through traffic considering what is going on in the gardens. Don't you think?

Has the council ever made any statements about the closing of Wightman Rd?  Has anyone actually made a proper request to them to do it? Some comments on that proposal from Jono or something?

Nothing in writing. Don't forget they regard it as a relief road for Green Lanes (which is an A road!). The reconfiguration of the Wightman/Turnpike/Hornsey Park junction was part of this.



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