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Residents, Residents Groups and Traders in the Green Lanes / Harringay Ladder area may not be aware of the handsome consultation document detailing the new Green Lanes proposals which has just been published on behalf of the Green Lanes Strategy Group.

This is available to download at:

Paper copies have been produced in limited quantity and are available at Stroud Green Library, Tao Sports and Cherie Hair Salon.

Views and comments are invited and welcomed and the closing date for these is 21 June 2013. 'If no major objections are received', works are planned to start in July/August 2013 and will last 9-12 months.

Comments should be emailed to: frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk
or posted to: Frontline Consultation, London Borough of Haringey, FREEPOST NAT 20390, PO Box 264, London N22 8BR

This is the one opportunity to have a close look at all the detail and to make constructive comments.

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Thanks for flagging this up Geoff.

I think this is great and will make a real improvement to the high street. But did they run out of trees for section 1 - only one new tree for the northern end of Harringay. It can feel a bit barren up the top end and the chap I spoke to at the public meeting mentioned all of the ladder roads, where appropriate, will have trees planted at the new raised entrances.

The re-routing of Hewit is a bit controversial. Is this aimed at removing the bottleneck on Green Lanes? I appreciate this is a trial but it's a no-brainer what the resulting effect will be on the neighbouring eastbound ladder roads. Perhaps a review of the entire traffic flow of the ladder roads should have been undertaken.

Neither the consultation document nor the reps at the Paul Simon drop in sessions ever suggested reversing the traffic flow of Hewit Road. This might be considered part of the refining process but it doesn't sit well with me to make changes to traffic flow of one street without considering the ladder as a whole when the council is aware of this issue (in a positive light it is good to know that the council is open to making changes to traffic flow in the first place).

Hugh, is it possible to nip this in the bud and invite Rob Tao or some other officialdom to comment on this aspect of the regeneration? Were the residents of Hewit Road consulted and indeed Beresford and Permberton who will take the brunt of the increased traffic?

Thanks for pointing this out Nicholas, i'd completely missed this change. Interesting! Surprised there is not being more discussion on it here what with traffic on the Ladder being one of big HoL topics.

I'd agree with you Ant, deathly silence!

Sorry Alex. I think Therese has got to the heart of this. I totally object to council money being spent on what seems to cosmetic changes to pavements etc. I see no concrete benefit in any of this, yet public money is going to be spent on 'putting lipstick on a pig' as it were, at a time when voluntary organisations are being squeezed out of existence due to lack of funds. It seems irresponsible and somewhat dilletante to me. I have indeed taken the opportunity to register my opinions in the consultations, and have every expectation that this profligate waste of public money will still go ahead.

I got the recent plans delivered through the door (on Umfreville Rd). I also remember a previous planning document being delivered, which I commented on at length. So you must have missed out somehow, Therese.

It's not hard to find strongly expressed pessimistic views about any form of proposed development, but I think reading that pavement widening will simply mean increased opportunities for 'unscrupulous citizens' to dump rubbish is the most pessimistic I've seen yet! <sigh>

With all this talk of calming traffic at the new 'plaza' junction, I'm still not sure what's happened to the proposal to restrict the flow of traffic from st Ann's road onto green lanes and re route down harringay road. Anyone ?

Liza - I read the results of the consultation document and thankfully the removal of the south bound bus lane has been shelved and removed from the proposals along with the removal of the bus stop outside the Arena shopping centre and the implementation of raised level parking bays along Green Lanes.

I see the latest proposal leaflet doesn't mention the previously put forward changes to traffic flow into St Ann's road from Green Lanes so I'm hoping this has been abandoned too.

You may not be aware Therese that ever since the Ladder Roads were made one way, the Hewit Road residents have been lobbying for their road to be changed and it looks as if they have got their way regardless on the rights and needs of every other Ladder road resident. Residents in every road should have had the luxury of an individual consultation on this issue not just those in Hewit Road. A similar approach lead to the Garden Roads being turned into cul-de-sacs and leaving all the traffic to be diverted into Salisbury Road. I don't expect that the car drivers in Hewit Road are going to stop driving in Beresford and Pemberton Road now that they have got their way. Local democracy, my arse!!

Of course Hewit Road has been lobbying for improvements to the one way system, which led to a disproportionate level of traffic using Hewit Road. When it was two way we had much less traffic! Our lobbying had fallen on deaf ears both in the Council and neighbouring streets, who whilst may sympathise don't want any changes to effect their traffic levels either. The only reason we are now getting a trial is because the Council are concerned to ensure the significant proposals to improve Green Lanes will work. Please support a trial, so the Council can assess the effects and then we can all review the outcome and consider alternatives.



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