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It comes from a few doors down, the builders were going to throw it out, lassco don't want it and my original intention to use it to fix one of my fireplaces was thwarted because it is 1" smaller.

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Anne Barwick
Without a doubt that is a truly genuine Harringay cast-iron fire grate and surround. How do i know? Because there was an identical one in the main bedroom at 257 Wightman Rd in the 1920s, and I regularly used it to make toast (with a brass toasting fork) for my mother when she was confined to bed-rest with phlebitis. That grate also saw my first attempt to make her a pot of tea, when I was four, or maybe five. Under her instructions, I took the tin kettle from the trivet (attached to the fire-bars of the grate), and very carefully poured a cupful of boiling water into the teapot, to 'warm it'. Stage 1 of tea-making successfully completed. I knew, of course, that one then threw that water away before putting in the loose tea, and adding the final boiling water. Unfortunately, I threw the water onto the fire! (I only did that once).
I do hope you find a loving and caring home for that fireplace.
Arthur Astrop
A fantastic opportunity for someone to enjoy it... and add value to their home for the future. Well worth the effort and investment IMO
Do you have the measurements to hand Anne?
We've been looking for an original fireplace and this seems a fine example. If it's still available and the measurements are appropriate, I'd be very interested.
If no one wants it then take it to the nice owner of Great Fireplace Revival 18A Amhurst Pk London, N16 5AG he recycles the fireplaces that have been taken out of the houses in the area. We bought a restored one from him to put a fire place back into our house.
Hi Anne,

If the fireplace is still available, I'd very much like to come and take a look.

Is the right etiquette to contact you by a PM?

Many thanks.
Good work Anne,
'A fireplace is for life and not just for Christmas' - I am sure it will be very happy in it's new home.



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