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I spent many hours learning how to ice skate here. There used to be a walk through a tunnel at the outside of the Arena which had a lot of beautiful pictures painted onto the walls. Does anyone remember them too?

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I remember going to see speedway on Friday nights.  The riders were Graham warren, Jackie Biggs, Jeff Howe - the captain, and of course the best of them all Split Waterman.  He seemed to get 10, 11 or even 12 points every meet.  What a pity they disbanded in 1954.  Happy memories.

I certainly remember going to the stock car racing there when I lived in Harringay. I also have a vague memory of my mother taking me there to see the famous cowboy Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger who were a big thing at the time. I think it must have been in the early 50s. Does anyone else recall that event. I would like it confirmed that I didn't imagine it.

Yes indeed, David. Article in HoL 2007 but for some reason (probably my ignorance & stupidity) I can't paste the link here

Yes, I can confirm the Roy Rogers event! I was there with most of the young kids from Harringay and surrounding areas.

Not sure if Roy Rogers or Trigger the horse were the bigger attraction! I remember it was a very big crowd in the stadium - but I do not remember if it was publicising a specific event, such as a new film.

Happy days and great events in the stadium and arena - I saw them all as we lived in Hermitage Road.

The Roy Rogers Children's Rally was a publicity stunt for the crusade events held at Harringay Arena by American evangelist, Billy Graham in the Spring of 1954. Graham apparently filled the 11,400 seat Arena for 12 weeks. Rogers attended Billy Graham's events every night for the first week, I assume as part of his publicity contract. 

Here's a 21st century view of Graham.

Roy Rogers' real name was Leonard Franklin Slye.

Pictures of Roy rogers here  |  Pictures of Billy Graham here  |  Film archive of Billy Graham here

(All links to HoL)

Yep David, definitely to all those acts.  I remember The Wild West Shows with Buffalo Bill, Gene Autrey, Red Indians displaying great horse skills, etc.  Great stuff in the 50's.  And of course circuses, dogs, stock car and speedway.   What a great asset for Harringay.  Such a great loss in my opinion.

Many thanks Hugh for clearing up the Roy Rogers question. Happy New Year to you my friend.

Thank you so much Patrick for confirming that. I must have been quite young because I don't remember a lot about it. I was fascinated with the Wild West and cowboys in those days. I don't suppose you remember what year it was do you.?

As I've said in my comment above, 1954.




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