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I spent many hours learning how to ice skate here. There used to be a walk through a tunnel at the outside of the Arena which had a lot of beautiful pictures painted onto the walls. Does anyone remember them too?

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Ice skating and a circus is what I remember personally. Other things I recall happening were Billy Graham, greyhound racing and stock car racing adjacent. And was there a Horse of the Year show once?

Hi, yes I too remember all those things, it was a great place. Do you remember the tunnel with all the paintings, so called today, Street Art "

i once lived in St Annes Road near the police Station, I remember the incredible loud Sunday morning noise of the stock cars

Hi Folks,

I grew up totally immersed in the whole Harringay Stadium / Harringay Arena experience! We lived on the corner of Hermitage Road and Finsbury Park Avenue where the crowds passed through on their way to events - very exciting for a young lad to watch this regular ebb and flow of thousands of people. I just accepted it as natural part of my local environment and over the years I attended everything - Speedway, Dog Racing, Stock Car racing etc in the Stadium and Circuses, Ice Hockey, Horse Shows etc in the Arena.

In those days, security and health and safety issues had a much lower profile and as an inquisitive young lad I was able to wander around freely behind the scenes of all these events, particularly through the tunnel area. It was fascinating to mingle with all the visiting performers, the circus animals and the pedigree showjumping horses.

It was a great part of my "education" and I did not run away with the Circus!

Happy days!

Remember going to see a Sealed Knot Society (English Civil War battle re-enactment society) battle and parade held in the middle of the dog-track area. in around 1975-ish. Very realistic with both "armies" in full outfits and with cannons and musket fire. We adjourned to the Salisbury pub afterwards with some members of the Cavaliers (Prince Rupert's Bluecoats regiment of Foot) still in full regalia!!

That would have been fantastic to see.

Does anyone have a map of the old arena? I'd be interested to see where everything was in relation to the modern area (Sainsbury's, housing estate etc)

Thanks Gerry. Very interesting. It's a shame its all gone now. Would have been great to see.

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