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Haringey traffic boss outlines new project to deal with Ladder traffic

On Monday evening, cabinet member for environment, transport and the climate emergency and deputy leader of the council, Mike Hakata, joined almost 100 Ladder residents on a Zoom meeting organised by community group Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets (HLHS).

In the context of the introduction of a number of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in the borough, the meeting was set up to answer residents' questions about what solution will be brought to the Ladder to finally deal with the huge volumes of traffic passing through the neighbourhood.

Whilst Mike gave few clues about what shape any solution might take, he did appear to show a real understanding of the need to deal with Ladder traffic and he skteched out some outlines about how the project would run.

"There must be a solution for the Ladder", he said. "This has been one of the most critical zones of traffic issues in the borough for two or more decades".

Mike then outlined a series of three parallel projects to deal with traffic issues in the central part of the south of the borough. The first, already in play, is dealing with the Woodlands Park area (referred to as the St Ann's LTN). The second will deal with the Ladder. The third will focus on just Green Lanes. Mike said that the Ladder project will include the rung roads, Endymion Road, Wightman Road and Turnpike Lane.

The timetable will build on the initial consultation that took place in February through the Commonplace map approach

Mike told the meeting that the council is currently finalising the contract with consultants NRP to run the consultation and support the design process.

By January/February 2022,  Mike said that he expects to be consulting again with community groups, including the Harringay Ladder Healthy Streets group.

Initial designs, he promised, should be published after the local elections in May and he said that we could reasonably expect work to start next summer.

Let's all get involved and meanwhile keep our fingers crossed and hope that this time the council is prepared to show sufficient boldness to finally deal with the Ladder's traffic.

Watch a recording here.

Sign up to HLHS newsletter here.

Get involved with the group or contact them at ladderhealthystreets@gmail.com.

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The missing link to a recording of the meeting has now been added at the bottom of the original post. 

What happened to the last Haringey councillor who tried to fix the traffic issues on the ladder...

Was he doxed?

Back then the worst that would happen might be a hand-delivered letter to their door. Things have 'progressed' significantly since then. 

The clear and obvious solution to Ladder traffic is

a) the implementation of these signs at the exit point of each of the rungs (with enforcement cameras. of course)

No access to motor vehicles

b} the removal of parking paces to allow for a cul-de-sac turning area at these exit points.

c] Single-sided or alternate-sided parking sections along each rung to allow for the limited 2-way traffic that would ensue.

It would appear that Cllr Hakata could be for the chop. The Momentum faction of Haringey Labour are looking to deselect him from candidacy in the May elections. 

This would be yet another factional dispute being played out in the St Ann's Ward. Many will remember Claire Kober's 'right' of the party colluding with local businessmen to oust 3 standing councillors. Now the 'left' are at it. 

I believe shortlisting is conducted tomorrow. Meanwhile, the needs of actual residents are ignored.

Hi Will,

Can I ask how you found this out? Is there anything residents can do to support him?

As is usual with the local Labour party, it was through rumour and social media. The only way to influence the selection of candidates is to be a member of the local party and vote in the selections. Entryism is how both factions maintain this childish game of tug o' war. 

It seems Mike Hakata made it onto the shortlist today. Voting for the final selection takes place on the 8th. 

I believe there is a 'woman only' spot and two open places to be decided.  Of the councillors currently representing Labour in Haringey, 50% are men (and 50% women). The shortlist for St Ann's ward is made up one one man and 4 women.



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