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With local elections in London round the corner, ward-level local political parties across the borough are choosing their who will represent them. Whilst it's not uncommon for sitting councillors to be endorsed to run again without challenge, there are also times when challengers are put forward. 

Both the Harringay and St Ann's ward councillors will face a challenge this time. Mike Hakata, is a St Ann's councillor with cabinet responsibility for traffic across the borough. Haringey Council has a poor record on traffic management and it is way behind neighbouring boroughs in introducing new approaches to reduce rat-running and encourage active travel.

The Ladder, in particular, has been a victim of poor traffic management decisions going back over half a century. Mike Hakata is now apparently promising to tackle the issue head-on. After getting approval for a St Ann's low traffic neighbourhood, he has now turned his attention to the Ladder. Whilst I still have some concerns and questions about the approach that will be taken, Mike Hakata seems to be the best chance we have. it would be a crying shame to see him de-seated by his local party. 

The vote in St Ann's is next week (Monday, I think). So if you are a Labour party member (which I am not) in St Ann's ward, please please do think about making sure that you vote and give full consideration to Mike's importance for the future wellbeing of the Ladder. 

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Mike Hakata also has responsibility for Parks, and his approach has been, to a large degree, welcomed by park users.

Voters in this ward should look to the lessons of Crouch End where a similar action was taken to deselect moderate sitting councillors which in no small part led to a complete wipe out in the next Council elections. These meetings are incredibly tedious but worth sitting through until the end to vote.

Not a member. Just a local resident within St Anns who has felt the benefit of the approach taken by both our active St Anns councillors Mike Hakata and Julie Davis. It would be an immense loss to the ward and the borough to lose these two councillors in favour of other candidates. 2 of the 3 are Momentum and so it would seem that the Labour parties factions place their beliefs above other critical priorities.

Hakata has placed his reputation on delivering LTNs and school streets. A controversial subject. Hakata has been strong in his beliefs and has been happy to meet concerned residents and make understand how proposals can be calibrated. Other members/ councillors could learn a lot from this open and inclusive approach.  

Which of the current St Ann's councillors are members of momentum? I thought Mike Hakata was the only mainstream Labour party member. Is that correct? He does seem to be doing a good job and actually trying to tackle issues facing residents. 

2 of the 5 up for the selection meeting are Momentum candidates. 

Thanks Robert. What are the names of the Momentum councillors?

The candidate list is:

  • Julie Davis
  • Mike Hakata
  • Holly Harrison Mullane (Momentum)
  • Tammy Hymas (Momentum)
  • Mary Mason

The third current councillor is not selected.


That's good - fingers crossed that Mike gets in and specifically that the momentum candidates do not.

The third current councillor who has not been selected must be the now infamous Noah Tucker who people can read about here.

Momentum members have been at the heart of the recent scandals in Haringey Council. Think property cock ups which have thrown away literally millions of pounds and the recent disasterous, divisive decision to rename Black Boy Lane which will directly cost individual residents hundreds of pounds and years of administrative inconvenience (all to name the road after a man whose family objected to the use of his name for such tokensitic reasons).

If you want to stop them, turn up to the selection meeting and vote against them. You need to be a Labour member so sign up now!

Too late to join now if you want to take part in the selection. In my ward (Hornsey) you’d need to have been a member since Jan 2021 to have a vote.

I think you might need 8 weeks of membership before you can vote in these local selections. So a little late now for the kind of entryism that St Ann's notorious for.

I am just a resident in St Anns and until the last couple years had no reason to engage with ward councillors. Things changed when the drugs and ASB situation escalated in the area. Mike and Julie have offered tireless support to our community groups. Always on the end of a line even late at night. 

Call me naive but I had no idea that there was this process. Strikes me as bone headed to deselect such pillars of the community. As I am therefore not a member how can one representations be made in support of Mike and Julie? 

I have had reasons to talk to Julie and Mike over the last year. During one conversation I mentioned in passing I had a long standing unresolved issue with my son's EHCP. Julie contacted the correct person and it was sorted out within a couple of weeks. Something I had been attempting to do for nearly 2 years. I hadn't even thought to ask them for help, so I'm very grateful to Julie.

I'm glad they are responding to you about drug activity in the area, I've noticed it's become much worse here recently.



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