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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

According to the Guardian/Serious Crime Squad - Haringey''s betting shops are attracting almost a robbery a week. Cash rich and staff light, betting shop robberies account for more than 200 of the 523 serious robberies against commercial properties in the capital in 2015.

Betting shops accounted for 70% of all robberies at commercial premises in London involving a firearm, being hit 167 times. Banks by comparison recorded 17 robberies at gunpoint.

The worst-hit part of the capital was Haringey, which contains prosperous Highgate and poor Tottenham, and where flying squad officers dealt with almost a robbery a week.

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Whatever, it's Fewer FFS. If you can count them, fewer. I wouldn't mind if it was in the text but it's in the title and so goes out on the Twitter feed.

Surely you mean IF IT WERE IN THE TEXT.

That's the trouble with grammar snobs.

Hoisted by petards of their own creation.

Should be " hoist"

It's a quotation from Hamlet.

2 down....

When I left Harringay, back in 1064, there was only one Betting Shop, which was opposite St Ann's Road on the Parade. I know because my Dear old Mum got mugged there, while she was counting her Winnings, this Women came up and snatched the money and took off !!!!!!!



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