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I reported some BLM Graffiti which is in our local park, and this is what Haringey said in response

So it's a free-for-all for Graffiti in Haringey now?

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Great decision, Haringey. Let's erect a statue to our Great Leader and Helmsman at the main entrance to each of the borough's parks.

Eddie, surely we don't have anyone who is so foolish as to fantasise they are a Great Leader and Helmsman? And certainly not to squabble as they try to seize the wheel?

I've long thought that steering the good ship Haringey required a co-operative, where different skills were taught, learned, recognised, shared and pooled.

It says 'for the moment', so it's hardly saying that it's a free for all. 

Not the issue. Wot precedent does it set just becors the message has got the zeitgist dosnt mean is not wrong. Change the word black to all and see how quik it goes

I disagree - BLM is a very specific issue. I can absolutely see why they're taking a breather here. There's nothing to suggest that it is a "free for all" for any "message that has got the zeitgeist". Some graffiti staying up for a few extra weeks isn't going to kill anyone.

Nah. Grafiti is grafiti. Ive got the blm sign on my window. I didnt spray it on my naybors house or the public wall where some one has to pay to clean it off. It just makes blm look like work of criminals and ruens our message

Cool. We'll have to agree to disagree on this I'm afraid. To be clear though, I'm not suggesting the blm graffiti is fine or that it shouldn't be removed eventually, just that I sympathise with the council waiting a bit in this case. If you google you'll see that other councils have taken a different approach and faced criticism for it. I can see both sides. 

No bother dude. Diffrent horses like they say

Nobody has said its "acceptable". 

It's also not true. All sorts of "Kurdish etc" graffiti remains in situ for days at a time.

I reported some graffiti recently on the gates of chestnuts park and it was removed the next day. I thought, wow. 
perhaps they are delaying this due to community sensitivity. 

To be honest, it feels like you're trying to make a relatively minor operational point into a political debate. 



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