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This morning, the top of the Haringey ladder is filled with wood burner smog - a window can't be opened for more than a few seconds.

Does anyone know if Harringay council will be banning these contraptions which are polluting our local area?

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Are you able to identify the source of the smog? Wood burning stoves are only allowed if they use clean wood. If it's creating a smog then they are likely to be breaking the existing rules by burning inappropriate materials and the Council will intervene. But obviously they would need to know where the problem is.

It would be interesting to discover if this is in fact from wood-burners. Sounds more like industrial or rubbish burning but you could be right. Haringey, in keeping with other councils, does not have anyone tasked with investigating smoke pollution with regard to smokeless zones. Wood burners come in two kind-regular and those which burn at a temperature which supposedly neutralises the smoke effect. These are specified as such but how to detect which is which from the outside would be very difficult. 

Harringay Ladder

Haringey Council

See the new discussion I just posted on air quality consultations organised by the council. 

The Telegraph doesn't seem to like 'em...

The right hand article is blaming old wood burners, not the new ones you have to have in London.
I live above a road on a council estate. Vehicle fumes come through my bedroom window and my ventilation grate. A few weeks back the council painted double yellow lines on my side of the road (the other side has parking bays). For a couple of days it was great, then people started parking there again. They idle for long periods of time, hence the fumes.

It's illegal to leave an engine idling for more than one minute. New campaigns kicking off about this, so you could warn them. It's a special skill displayed outside schools to keep the RangeRover warm while waiting for the sprogs.

It's often 20 minutes, and one of the main culprits is the driver of a Range Rover. There's another car that I think is one of those that automatically switches off after a period of time spewing fumes into my room.



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