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Haringey is number one in London in people discarding garden waste!

According to the Evening Standard, Haringey has the worst record of all the London boroughs for residents illegally dumping garden waste, with 1,478 green waste incidents between 2017/18. Second place is Southwark, miles behind with 913 incidents, almost half ours. Now, I'm no expert, but I'm going to go ahead and throw it out there that I think there's probably a causal link between the council no longer picking up garden waste free, and this statistic. I mean, really, who could possibly have foreseen this happening? Can anyone find any statistics from before the borough started charging? The glaring inevitability of this is just depressing. We truly are the dumping capital of the capital...


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Well the whole thing was daft considering most of the borough has postage stamps for gardens, and no where to store another wheelie bin that would never be full.

Yes, agree this seems pretty inevitable. The reports linked to in the article don’t show any details by local authority over time, which would help show whether introducing the charge might explain the increase. I’m guessing Haringey would have that info? 

The bins and charges started in October 2017, I believe, so would be part of these statistics. 

I would echo Tris's call for caution with the stats. I saw this announcement a few days back and given the possible issues with the comparative value of fly-tipping data, decided to pass. 

It's an issue of concern and one I've raised in the past, but we do need to take care with our use of data. It might be right, but there are reasons to be cautious.

Believe issue is Refuse Crews will only take Rubbish in refuse Bins.                                                                  Not Bags / items placed by Bin on collection Days

Thankfully I am able to get garden waste into my Refuse bin.

Aware others are not , reason for Dumped Rubbish

But as stated before there is much repair updating in the Borough.                                                                    Which results in plenty of None domestic waste being around. 

Might help if Western Road. did not need 24 Hours notice for Vans to accept Waste.                                       Also believe that one Depot is No enough for such a large Borough and ever growing population 

Also the Refuse used to do a couple of Extra Collections a year, for items Not in refuse Bins                                 Yes they cost but did kept the Borough Tidier 

Aware council has used Veolia for some years.                                                                                                 Has the Contract been updated as properties and occupancy Grows ?



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