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Cllr Ishmael Osamor "admitted three charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and a fourth charge of possession in a hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court last Friday."

I had no idea that this had being going on behind the scenes. His arrest was known before the selection process, but it seems Mum (Kate Osamor MP) managed to keep mum.

He remains a Councillor and keeps his job in mum's office in the Commons.

I couldn't find any mention in the Morning Star or The Canary, so please make do with this link.

***He finally decided to resign as a Haringey councillor at tonight's Labour Group meeting (Tues 30th)***

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Hi All

As a member of the opposition and our Tottenham Spokesperson I thought it seemed appropriate for me to comment.

Yesterday as the opposition we called for Cllr Osamor to resign his position immediately in a letter sent to the Leader of the Council. We have as yet received no reply to this.

I hope we all agree regardless of our political affiliation that it is totally unacceptable for an individual with such a serious conviction to be representing residents in Haringey. It is incredibly concerning that he was tasked with the additional role of Deputy Cabinet Member for Broadwater Farm and should have been concentrating his energy on supporting those residents who are facing a truly challenging time currently given the safety concerns identified.

We also know that violent crime and drugs often go hand in hand and we have seen crime of this sort increase in Haringey, I think I speak for all Cllrs when I say that this is something that we all agree needs tackling and is a huge concern for residents across the borough.

This is not in anyway a witch hunt, I would hope that Cllr Osamor takes some time away from politics to complete his community service and to reflect on his behaviour and to think about what he could do within the community to discourage others from taking the same path.

I hope that Haringey Labour do the right thing here and encourage this individual to resign his position. Quite frankly it is a distraction from the more serious issues that I am sure we would all prefer to be focussing on.

very best wishes

Cllr Tammy Palmer (Lib Dem Cllr for Crouch End)

Thanks Tammy. I've heard that Haringey LibDems have sent a "formal Member Inquiry", asking for information about this. Could you please arrange for this inquiry to be made public.

I don't disagree with a single paragraph of your post above. I was shocked by the nonsense of anyone describing it as "an incident". 

"Haringey Labour" is not some hive-mind entity. Doing the right thing is a matter for individuals.
Cllr Ishmael Osamor can do the right thing and resign without delay.

[My political declaration is here towards the bottom of the page.]

Thanks Alan and yes you are quite right, he should of course resign without needing to be told. It is troubling that he seems to lack the common sense to have reached this decision himself without needing some persuasion.

It is now Tuesday and most concerning that nothing has happened to this effect. I wonder how much longer he will need to think things through.

There are some very good and well respected Labour Cllrs here in Haringey and I am sure they will also be appalled at this situation as will many local Labour voters and party members. I agree that to downplay this as " an incident that he is sorry for" is not good enough, there has been no remorse shown, no acknowledgment of the seriousness of this situation or the reputational damage he has caused to his own party and to the council.

I will enquire as to making the enquiry public - I believe that another individual outside of the council group has also put in a very detailed freedom of information request, we will also watch that closely and see what is revealed! 

very best wishes

Cllr Tammy Palmer (Lib Dem Cllr for Crouch End)

Once more Tammy, we agree.

Cllr Ishmael Osamor has had many months to "think things through". Every day that passes further damages his own standing.

The only Freedom of Information request I'm aware of is this one from J. Robert which I've mentioned before. On first reading I foresaw several reasons why Haringey's response might not be helpful. One of them is simply that the information requested is not held by Haringey.

Let's go back to the serious central point you made earlier that there is urgent and vital work to be done by Haringey's councillors. In May 2018 Cllr Ishmael Osamor had the opportunity to be part of that.

Someone else will have to help carry forward the "essential services to the community".

lets hope that he does the right thing - West Green residents and those in Broadwater really do need better representation.

for anyone out and about this afternoon I hear the BBC are speaking to local residents to get their views on Cllr Osamor...

I look forward to the results of Haringey Council's internal investigation, I wonder how long it will take?

It's made it on to the BBC 

Ishmael Osamor 'must quit' over Bestival drugs supply charges


BBC News London 1:30

Lead news story

MP Kate Osamor says, her son will be staying in his job as a Haringey councillor to continue essential services to the community.

Also, BBC News London website

Lantern Parade could do with some MDMA.


Despite the distasteful dynastic issues around this I do feel sorry for him. Little Lord Fauntleroy would not have even seen the inside of a court room.

Like what they did with Boris? 



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