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I want to report a diseased oak tree on the parkland walk, but cannot make head or tail of the website. I just seem to go round in circles.

How can I report it?

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Google ‘Haringey Report it’. If you don’t have account you’ll need to set on up to add a report. 

Thanks, Hugh. I will try again, but last time I tried my account password was not accepted.

Just tried again. Am told that I am already registered! Now what?

Log in or if you don't have your password, there should be a password recovery option somewhere. 

I did have a password which it did not accept, again.

I reset my password but simply keep getting the message that my email is already registered.

I am not the only resident who thinks this website is rubbish!

I suppose that I will have to appeal to one of our helpful councillors to get my report through. This diseased oak tree is on the parkland walk, right at the end of my garden.

Hi Valerie

I am currently trying to to get lost street trees reinstated in my road but the council have insisted the 'sponsor a tree' is the only way forward ( £200 for me to water it or £250 if they do). Good trees have been chopped down near Crouch End Hill on the parkland walk because they have blocked light into the rear of the properties.Not sure who paid for that.

I would consider any tree dead or alive as a luxury.



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