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I have just taken delivery of some Haringey Council 2 hour visitor parking permits.  These are valid for five years from 2014 (!!) to 2018.  As I only need the permits for the very occasional visitor between 12noon and 2pm these should have lasted me for five years up till the end of 2020.  However I now find that I will have to make another purchase two years earlier than anticipated.  My last purchase in 2011 did cover five years from 2011 up ‘till 2015.  Am I being unrealistic to expect that a permit should be valid for five years and that the start date should be 2016 not 2014?

It appears that the Council are just using up old their stock of permits dating from 2014, probably in the hope that no one will complain.  Though it is only a small sum of money I feel that I have been short-changed. 

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I have returned old permits coming near to their use-by date and had them replaced with new up-to-date permits at no cost.

As have I.

Thanks, that is useful information.  I didn't know that replacements could be issued as the Council don't bother to inform their customers.

they just replace them, when expired, has to be within a year of being out of date though

You could also order less so that they dont go out of date. i order about 20 at a time, lasts me about 3y- just an idea.

Did you return your old ones via recorded mail? I sent them by normal mail (I've never had any trouble with post going missing and didn't think it was worth it for 3 permits) and now the Traffic Permits people are saying they haven't received them. I find this quite surprising and wonder if they are just sitting somewhere in the Council offices, though I did specify 'Traffic Management' as the addressee. Very frustrating!

I had my old ones replaced, too, but it was a bit of a palaver and at one stage they seemed to imply they would 'make a decision' on my application as if it wasn't a straightforward exchange. Anyway, replacements arrived within about 10 days.

Over a month ago, I sent quite a few old permits dated 2015 back for exchange, and have just today received replacements dated up to 2020. Took a while, but worth doing!

The address I sent them back to was:

London Borough of Haringey
PO Box 55235
N22 9DF


I'm curious...did they have the new Haringey logo on them? My new vouchers (received Saturday) were the old logo valid from 2014 to 2018. It doesn't matter to me as I'll use them up long before 2018....

Yes, they've got the new logo.


Feel left out now!

I've just stumbled across this thread, Konrad. Not sure where you got with this, but you may find my experiences recently to be of interest. 



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