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Haringey Council now issuing fines for recycling unwanted items on pavement

It's long been a practice for people to leave items they no longer want on the pavement outside their house for others to take.

Many challenge the practice as being unsafe and unsightly. They say that with plenty of local online channels to use to recycle items locally, this practice has had its day and it no longer necessary. 

Haringey Council have come down firmly on the side of those against the practice and have started issuing £400 fines for residents who attempt kerbside recycling.

An outraged Crouch End householder was recently fined for putting out a three-foot desk for a passers-by to take for free. The offender claimed that she was helping people out and not fly-tipping.

However, Haringey spokesperson said that while it understood the person wanted to leave the desk for a neighbour, “leaving broken furniture in the street can be dangerous and cause a nuisance for the local area”.

“For residents who would like to donate items, we would ask they take them to a charity, reuse and recycling centre or try their neighbours directly".

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Some mean spirited people here. Real flytippers don't get caught. Householders are easy prey as they are not acting surreptitiously or for any gain. I've often picked up some nice items like chairs or tools in this way. Living in a quiet cul de  sac I do put stuff on Freecycle which is probably the way to go.

T'was a great local tradition, as were the 'mudlarks' who raided the bins twice a day looking for anything metallic.

When I moved out of my room in Pemberton, I left my mate, who was helping me move, outside in his cab. I put a metal jug on the wall and went back inside and he was amazed that within seconds a car had pulled up grabbed it and sped away. 

People occasionally try and pull and and nick my electric wheelchair. Im ambulatory and transfer out at the front door. In the few seconds Im out of sight, I've had cars full of lads pulling up ready to nick it. This has happened a few times. An accessable property would be brilliant right about now. 

Some poor international student left her bag on the pavement outside my property as her taxi pulled up too short of her property. The bag got taken in the minute she was away from it and she knocked on my door crying, because it had all her documents in. She had only got to the UK that day poor thing. 

We live in a throwaway world all right.  Nothing like this when I was a kid in Harringay.  We used everything and kept it for years.  I have no memory of anything being thrown away - ever.

Actually I'm sad it's come to that... I often leave items on my wall for people to take and have lots of lovely bits and pieces in my home iv up picked on my morning walk. 

Check with the council. I suspect leaving small items on a front wall would not be viewed in the same way as leaving items on the pavement. For one thing, anything on the wall would still be within your property boundary. Secondly, it doesn’t create an obstruction and thirdly, one assumes that any item left on a wall would be relatively small. 

I also find it a bit sad as quite a few bits of my furniture have been acquired from the front of houses and I have also regularly put nice things out (which normally don't last an hour out there). I do take things to the charity shops all the time, but sometimes I just like the idea that a passer by or nearby neighbour might find a nice free present on my front wall.

I don't think it would be fair to get a fine for putting out something nice and in good state (as long as it gets picked within the day), when for years I have been battling with the HMOs on my street who keep leaving their bins on the kerb, overflowing with rubbish. They should be getting fines, but every time I have complained about it to the council nothing gets done! 

Still a obstruction of Foot way 

I have placed items on my front path. With Notice Free to taker. Causes No obstruction 



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