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Haringey Council Mounts Poster Campaign to Sell New Non-Free Green Waste Collection

Photo: Joyce Rosser

After switching from free green waste collections to a pay-to-collect service, Haringey Council has mounted a poster campaign urging us all to sign up and keep our community green. 

The new posters don't include the charges levels and I have not been able to find out what budget they have set aside for this campaign.

To learn more about Haringey's pay-to-collect scheme, see these posts. To sign a petition on this issue see this one.

Next week we'll be running a piece on Haringey's new green waste based TV series Game of Bins (GoB).

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Vaneska, apologies if you already know about this, but there's a Government Code of Conduct which applies. Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity.
In my personal view Haringey Council abandoned this Code some time ago. There is no pretence whatever at being - as the Code states - objective and even-handed.  Frankly - and again my personal view - it has become a quite shameful lies factory, using our money to pump-out totally biased propaganda for the Council's ruling clique.
Like every other local Council, Haringey are looking for ways to cut, charge for, or charge more for services.
It's similar to newspapers putting their online articles behind a paywall. Many newspapers now explain that they lose money if you use an ad-blocker. The Guardian freely admits that if people read it online it doesn't raise enough income. So they want you to pay.

But rather than give the facts, Haringey, as usual tries to spin and gloss the change. Launching it as a shiny new service. It's of a piece with the foolish logo. With renaming departments and giving senior staff salary upgrades and fancy-schmancy new titles. With hiring expensive consultants. Services may suffer staff cuts; or be sliced and diced; or privatised; or disappear; or slowly unravel behind the glossy facade. But the Comms Unit will plug gaps with an artist's impression on a colourful poster.

According to the Mus Hill Sustainability Group, who I believe was involved in organising the recent meeting about the new plant at Edmonton, Nicky Gavron, who chaired the meeting and seems to know a bit about waste, is concerned that a lot of green waste is not composted, but dried and made into fuel pellets for incineration. 

Re LBH Waste Services, Enfield has for a long time had its own recycling deal, rather than use the NLWA. It says that it saves £3m per year. Last year Camden arranged a similar deal. Enfield .

All 5 councils in the West London WA make their own recycling arrangements, as it saves them money. I spoke to the WLWA Head of Operations who said that this was after discussion with the WLWA, and that, if the Councils were to find these arrangements no longer benefitted them, they would sit down and discuss bringing it all in house. A few years ago, Harrow Council put its recycling contract out on a sort of municipal Ebay, and actually made money overall.

The only waste that NLWA has a statutory duty actually to manage - of course it's responsible for all the waste - is the black bag (residual) waste. There is no reason for it to handle member councils' recycling other than to support its reason for existence when, in the long term, residual waste, which it has to handle, should fall and recycling rise.

I've never heard of any discussion within LBH about negotiating its own deal for recycling, which, on Enfield's experience, would go a long way to removing the present nonsense and (probably overpriced) advertising campaign.



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