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Haringey residents affected by the disturbances in Tottenham over the weekend are to receive support via a new Community Assistance Centre set up at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre.
Open from 1pm today, the new centre will help local people with a wide range of issues – from emergency housing for residents whose homes were damaged by the disturbances to advice from a team of social workers.
Other support available will come from the Police and voluntary groups –and there will be advice on topics such as insurance claims and legal problems.
The centre will also act as a focal point for the many offers of donations which have been made by both businesses and individuals in the community.
Council Leader Claire Kober said: “Over the past few days, we’ve had many generous offers of support from local people and firms – while many of our own staff have been working around the clock to help find alternative accommodation for families.
“The new support centre will be somewhere where all of this help will come together under one roof.”
Whether people need help or advice – or would like to make a donation – the number to call is 020 8489 5308.
Tottenham Green Leisure Centre is at 1 Philip Lane, Tottenham, N15.

Transport details for Tottenham Green Leisure Centre are as follows –
Bus The following buses serve bus stops on Tottenham High Road, within a five-minute walk of the Leisure Centre: 41 / 76 / 123 / 149 / 230 / 243 / 259 / 279 / 318 / 341 / 349 / 476 / W4.

Train Tottenham Hale

Tube Seven Sisters Tube station on the Victoria Line is about five minutes walk away. After leaving the station at the 'High Road' exit, walk up the hill in the direction of Enfield, and Tottenham Hotspurs' ground, and away from Stamford Hill, keeping on the left-hand pavement. After passing College of North East London, turn left into Town Hall Approach Road until you reach the Leisure Centre.

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Sunday 14 August: A further update.

Cllr Claire Kober, the Council leader, emailed this morning about the PayPal account. She'd just been reading yesterday's edition of The Times and spotted that on page 3 they published the Paypal details for the Tottenham Fund!

Claire asked me to pass on her thanks to Harringay Online members who made the suggestion.


Can I also mention that Cllr Bernice Vanier and I met people in Tottenham High Road yesterday who asked about making donations, and who said they'd be using PayPal.

Is there a clean-up going on in Tottenham that I can join in with?

So far, we don't seem to be on the map:



8.30 am at Bruce Grove station wednesday. I'm going out to see if the high road is being opened soon.  Wish me luck.


Good luck & let us know how it is.

At a meeting open to all councillors earlier this evening (10 August) we heard that part of High Road Tottenham between Monument Way and Bruce Grove should re-open tonight. The plan was to let traders in earlier to check out their businesses and then to open the road to traffic. This means that buses 243, 123 and W4 should be running tomorrow.

Unfortunately the section further north still has dangerous buildings and needs some resurfacing. There's no firm information about when this will reopen. 

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

I've just come back - a few photos posted live from the centre on Twitter. I will write some impressions a little later this evening.



Oops - photos here.
Excellent work all :-)
Brilliant work Alan and Hugh. Will spread this around

Great to see the photos of something positive.  Well done Hugh and Andy, and anyone who's donated so far.

All councillors got an updated FACT SHEET with information at mid-afternoon 15/08/2011. Please click on the attachment which is an MSWord file.

(Apologies if you have tried to open a previous message Hopefully this upload now works properly.)


FACT SHEET #5 went out to all councillors yesterday. I've edited to make it a bit shorter - removing headings where nothing new has been added. Also some details about individual buildings. (If anyone wants the full original, please let me know.)

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)




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