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The council has launched its consultation on its zero carbon emissions plan - may be that does not sound very exciting - but it is the moment for us to have our say on how we get to a cleaner, quieter, greener borough with local, high quality jobs.  Take a look at the new Haringey Climate Forum website and sign up for the newsletter to keep up with what is going on - lots of local groups are already taking action.


To get this done for future generations we need everyone to take part....

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The page Pamela has linked to contains an infographic (looks a bit like snakes and ladders) and a further link to something described as a "Commonplace consultation".

The consultation seems designed to elicit absolutely nothing. The mechanism for supplying comments seems designed to channel us all down the same thought processes. Of the 36 (so far) comments on 'travel' only one respondent has so far used the option 'other' to supply anything that might be original.

The "Commonplace consultation" seems to be doing a good job of generating complacency and indifference, the attitudes Haringey likes best in its constituents.

Oh dear, that sounds disappointing.  I have not looked at the site yet, but I was surprised to hear that the Council chose to use a third party site to run the consultation (where did that come from?). I will certainly bring it up at the next Forum meeting - but do join us.  We really want to make this work....

I have now followed through commenting on the proposals.  I agree the site does channel the answers a bit, but there is always an "other" option where you can put your own ideas.  I don't think it is a totally empty exercise though.  It is trying to get people to think about steps they might take to reduce their footprint. We have to start somewhere..... 

Please explain How Congested Haringey can ever be or go Green

As population grows and more vehicles are using its roads and open spaces 

Well I believe that by making walking and cycling easier and more pleasant, people will choose those options.  If public transport were cheaper and less congested that would help to get people out of cars.  Slowly, car use will become the inconvenient and expensive option (except for those that rely on it).  As I understand it car owners are in the minority in London already, so we just have to speed up that transition and reclaim our streets for people. Lots of European cities already do this, so I don't see why we can't.



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