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I have just been in touch with Martin, the handyman whose details I found on this site.  Before I book him to start work it would be great to hear other folks' experience of him.  I assume he is good or he wouldnt appear on the site but something more specific would be really welcome.

Also, can anyone recommend an electrician?  I am in dire need of more sockets!

Many thanks



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Hi. If you're looking for an electrician, you should contact Ed Gravett at ECG Electrical. I will confess that he is my brother, but you don't have to take my word for how good he is, there are several threads on here recommending him. Here is a recent one:



Thank you Lesley - I have looked at the thread and he sounds great! I will contact him soon.


I know Martin and he is very good and trustworthy.

Also there is a fantastic electrician called Edward who I used and have recommended to a few friends who also think he's great. His details are here: http://www.ecg-electrical.co.uk/

Thanks Julie - he's been recommended already and I've made a note of his details.



Depends which Martin you mean.   My builder, more than a handyman, whose details I have posted, I think, is Polish, and absolutely wonderful.   He has just spent the last few days working on a damp wall.   Perfection!

His phone number is 07980733770



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