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The Fairview homes development at Hampden Rd is being marketed to wealthy foreigners as student accommodation and would only be available for Londoners to rent. Fourteen units from the first phase have already been sold in Dubai and Hong Kong. Attached is the brochure, make your own minds up.

Compressed Altitude Brochure

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Yes, and it's purely the TYPE of properties being built that makes them investments, not homes. A double room and a couple of single rooms would make them unappealing to the flat sharing rental market.

It looks like they are struggling to sell these flats. Go in and offer under!

Things are changing here in Hong Kong.  Property prices are falling.  China is clamping down on transferring money out.  There is the trade war with the US too.  Your flats are aimed almost entirely to capture the China market and just as Hong Kong's economy is stupid to rely entirely on Chinese tourism that will prove to be a mistake.

Good to hear, maybe we'll start to see some developments for the people that actually need housing here.

Prices in all the global city hotspots are on the slide. Good news for some, less welcome news for others.

Yes, Centrepoint has only sold half their expensive refurbs but, they've pulled the rest from the market because they refuse to sell at 'unrealistic' low offers and say they've sold enough to cover their costs. They're waiting for brexit uncertainty to pass ... good news for no-one.

The Fairview sales suite is open over Christmas. Do pop in and offer under. 27th and 28th... all day...

I got another text from Fairview reminding me that they were open today at Hampden Rd...



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