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The Fairview homes development at Hampden Rd is being marketed to wealthy foreigners as student accommodation and would only be available for Londoners to rent. Fourteen units from the first phase have already been sold in Dubai and Hong Kong. Attached is the brochure, make your own minds up.

Compressed Altitude Brochure

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So the only answer is to tax them so hard that investments are no longer viable.  Make the Stamp Duty 25% and ring-fence the money for more social housing.

Tax citizens of a foreign country.... ha ha ha.

Yes...I paid Spanish taxes on my Spanish property when I had one

Those would be property taxes, not income taxes.

That said, perhaps we should abolish income tax and just have property taxes!!!!

I live in Hong Kong and every day our newspapers are bursting with UK property - usually London developments but some are in Manchester.


Not much promotion of Harringay Green Lanes, but lots on Crouch End, Highgate....I hate "stepping" developments and badly finished skylines.......and car parking taking up what could be good shared space.....

Poor design decisions that were highlighted by the community but not picked up by local Councillors.  Why?  Because they are out of their depth in understanding good design or planning.  I have seen first hand that it takes good Councillors as well as good planning officers to create good places in this city so there has been a real missed opportunity here.

I was looking at the brochure and thinking the exact same thing as you were typing. It's almost comical. A big splash on Crouch End, some Hampstead highlights then to the East The Salisbury, Turnpike Lane Tube station, Harringay Green Lanes station then at a gallop it's off to lavish attention on London's better known highlights.

I don't suppose you can blame them, particularly if the main market for the brochure is in Asia. It's fairly standard practice to paint an unrealistically rosy picture. (Remember after all the tales they told during the sell of the development through planning process).

From my other favourite website


Foreign investors left nursing huge losses as they scramble to get out of off-plan deals

The foreign investor market in London is on its knees – with ‘hundreds’ of buyers of homes purchased off-plan over the last four years nursing huge losses.

The problem, says one large London agent, has been ‘massively under-reported’ by the media.

I'm going to report them to Alamy and iStock for stealing their photos. Calling it a preview is no get-out. They can  use them in-house to do mock layouts but to publish these photos, they will have had to pay a fee and then they get the pics without the watermarks.  Naughty, naughty.

On rightmove you can buy a 1 bed flat in this development for £425,000 or you can buy a one bed flat at Woodberry Down for £410,000. Something is wrong here, they can't seriously think that these flats are worth so much when for less than twice that money you can buy an entire Victorian house on the ladder with no huge service charges, a garden and probably an attic to extend into.

Has anyone bought one? Know of anyone who has?

Presuming that they can rent them out for £1400pcm (these are ONE beds so that's Crouch End prices) and that if you can't get at least a 5% return you'll find somewhere else to put your money:

£1400 * 11 * 20 = £308,000 - lo and behold there is a one bed on Hampden for sale for just that.

Help to buy will be a large part of it. It only applies for new builds. 



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