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Can anyone recommend a good local hairdresser? Mine has gone on maternity leave and it took me years to find someone reliable! Doesn't need to be fancy, just someone who actually does a good job, actually cuts the hair you way you asked (surprising how rare one or both of those are!) and doesn't cost a fortune.

Thank you!

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I'd like to know too!

Ilki at 43 Park Rd, Crouch End is great. I followed her as she moved on to different hairdressing shops in the area for years until she opened her own business. Nice environment and very friendly staff too.

Vitor’s in Finsbury Park is the best, particularly for curly hair. 

Chris at Hair on the Hill in Crouch End is very good. He is extremely meticulous and does a great job, 020 8340 7413.

Violetta at Unique just off wood green high st. 07818423171. Been cutting my hair for 15 years. Very good and reasonable.

Carmine at cheries on green Lanes n4, was pretty good for a hair cut.

Cherie's in Green Lanes, just past Yassar Halim's. ... always have great Italian hair cutters. I'm very fussy about a good cut. And they're also excellent colourists. 

Image at 15 Ferme Park Road. Kuba is the stylist. A women's salon who also do men's barbering.

Davidas at Chaps&Dames on Tollington Road is amazing.  You get West End hair without the West End price tag. A true hidden gem in Finsbury Park. 


I moved into the area 2 years ago.  THE best hairdresser I found and reasonable too is MILANC harringay opposite the Arena.

I can highly recommend Elli who is the very-well-trained daughter of Kay as in Kay and Kompany.  I went to Kay for many years and was fearful when she retired.  However, she'd trained her daughter very well and Elli now manages the business as well as keeping me expertly shorn!   https://www.kayandkompany.com/  Right next to a bus stop at 69 Colney Hatch Lane, N10 1LR (but with parking also easy) the tel no is:  0208 883 5528.


1000% recommend Emily Otway on Hermitage Rd, she could not be more bespoke, also does home visits https://www.anhairchy.com/



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