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In a year long trial starting in  March 2013 almost all of Hackney’s roads will be slowed to 20mph.

Most major roads, including Green Lanes and Blackstock Road, will be slowed to 20 mph. Only red routes run by Transport for London will be exempt from the change.

The council is running a joint scheme  with Islington Council in an attempt to test how the lower speed limit can be enforced and its effectiveness in reducing noise and air pollution.

So far no signs of Haringey Council being involved, although without enforcement one wonders how much impact the scheme will have.

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As an experiment I've been trying to drive everywhere at 20mph for the past few weeks - I don't use the car a lot so I do keep forgetting. While I agree absolutely with getting all side roads down to 20mph, I'm not sure re main roads (though eg busy stretches of Green Lanes should be 20 max) - because it's a very inefficient use of fuel. I never get out of third gear at 20mph. Most efficient petrol use is at cruising speed in top gear. Is this factored in to the green-ness calculations?

Without proper enforcement, the 20MPH speed limit will be doomed to fail. Goodness knows what would happen if Haringey tried to do the same. It would be far better to enforce existing zones properly.

The 20 limit on side roads should eventually become the norm, just as drink-driving that was very common when I grew up, is now socially condemned. And pubs sell coffee....  It hasn't stopped, but at least people know they are doing wrong, and their mates are more likely to try to stop them. 

Then the f*ckwits that go up to 50 and back in my 50-yard stretch of road, will know why I casually step in front of their cars. Just consciousness-raising. Who is arguing against this for side roads? When it's everywhere the same, instead of borough by borough or even ward by ward as now, it will be easier to challenge and enforce.

All drivers know that there is a 30 max limit in built-up areas. They know when they go over that, that it's transgressive. If we can make this 20-max the norm on side roads, everybody wins. Hopefully it won't result in millions of new road signs being stuck on the edge of every red route junction.

Wightman Road has been 20 limit for what? about a year? But 60 % of the vehicles going south  exceed 20mph. ( Usually chatting on their mobile phones too )

A prime site for a couple of PCs with one of those portable speed cameras then, when their arrest figures are down for the month.

We were promised " enforcement " but it hasn't happened.

Now Camden has followed suit. Haringey's looking a little lonely.

Waltham Forest has also committed to borough-wide 20mph. One of the advantages of doing this borough-wide is far less signage is needed, only when entering a road on which 20 is not the limit.

Generally enforcement is a big problem, although I suspect most vehicles will still travel slower when the limit is 20 rather than 30 - something like 25 rather than 35... Which is better but still not acceptable given the far higher risk of causing death and serious injury at speeds over 20mph. Some councils are using new low-cost average speed cameras to enforce 20mph zones, with promising results.

What would really help to self-enforce these limits would be re-phasing of traffic lights so that a steady 20 means you meet green lights at junctions. This works in other European cities. Usual driving behaviour around here seems to be to accelerate away from traffic lights as fast as possible so as to minimise the time before meeting the back of the next traffic jam or getting to the next red light. Stop-start driving uses fuel much less efficiently than driving at a lower but steady speed.

be great to make the ladder part of green lanes 20miles/hr- I ride a bicycle and that stretch of road is bonkers, but it would at least feel lot safer if you avoid having some cars tearing down their at 30+ only to have to slam their brakes on 30m past me

20 mph on main roads is neither sensible nor viable. It slows buses and is unrealistic on main roads.  Those who promote this either don't drive, or choose not to use a car.  Side roads, or at approaches to schools, busy shopping streets, yes, but blanket 20 limits, no. 

Haringey should NOT follow ill advised Islington on this. 

Seven Sisters to become 20 MPH 

Isn't it already? The High Road is.



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