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I recently joined The Gym at Woodberry Down (Manor House branch) and have been a few times. I had my induction session but still feel like a fish out of water and for this reason am not going as often as I should.

Anyway, I'm looking for a gym buddy to go with 2/3 times a week, mainly evenings and some weekends. I'm not a gym bunny and not interested in competition but I figured it might spur me on a bit, and wondered if there was anyone who would like to go with me, perhaps even someone like myself who is new to it and not feeling too confident, or someone who is experienced and enjoys motivating others. I'm not looking for a personal trainer, just someone to go with.

If you already go and would like a buddy, or are thinking of joining and think this arrangement could benefit you please send me a message and we can take it from there.

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I go to my local gym a couple times a week. I run and then do some weights and some stretching. You are welcome to join me.
It's Florentine Gym and its dirt cheap £4 a session. No obligation to have a contract but if you do, they have special deals for women

Does Florentine offer paying per session to everyone for just £4? That's a very good price. When I've looked at their website they only do monthly and weekly passes. 

Yes £4 per session for all
Thanks Penny but i wouldn't use Florentine because of the location. It's out of my way and as I would be using mainly evenings I wouldn't want to be walking down Eade Rd on my own in the dark, it's quite sinister down there at night with all the kerbcrawlers.

£4 a session also works out very expensive. I currently pay £16 a month and can use 24 hours as often as I like. No contract.
That sounds great. I go once a week usually and might increase to twice so it suits me great. Good luck and enjoy your gym partner when you find one!



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