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As of 15.45 or so traffic being diverted due to large chunk of fallen masonry onto pavement north of Umf Rd, opposite Krisscross (?!). Nobody hurt according to someone I asked but anyone on that stretch when it happened would have been seriously hurt. It seemed to have fallen from the top of the building.

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It was a third storey masonry window frame and pediment. Fire brigade are currently up there taking off the remaining loose bits. Green Lanes is very firmly closed in both directions and looks like it will be for some time. I must say, quite a lot of those bits of decorative masonry looks a bit dodgy to me. Especially now. I walked under that spot just an hour and a half ago!

Actually, I think that's third floor, fourth storey. 


Judging by the look of that smashed pediment, a crushed brain could hardly tell the difference.

You're right, but I'm all about the accuracy. :)


Thanks to Betty D for tweeting this twitpic at us:



And thanks also to Dinendra for another photo:



All clear now apparently. 

Scary stuff. There was a horrible case in Edinburgh a few years back where a young woman was killed by something  similar. 
Wow. Amazing no one was harmed.  I wonder if the landlord is local?

Wow - scary. It's very lucky someone wasn't walking under there - I'm looking at the top of that building and it looks a state, there's a tree growing out of the gutter. Can anything be done about properties that are in such a state they're a danger to the public?

The house next to us is rented and they have stuff growing in the gutters, every time it rains the water pours down the side of the house. Lucky for us it's not the party wall, but it's such a shame to let houses get so run down.

And to judge from that necklace of debris, LBH are to be congratulated on their sturdy rubbish bins if not on their enforcement on landlords' dormer hutches.
Welcome to Green Lanes

Cllr Brabazon, copied me on a mail to the Head of Building Control at Haringey:

"My reason for writing is to ask whether you will be inspecting the adjacent buildings as well to ensure they are safe. Could you please let me and the other councillors know if there are other safety issues and also what notices you will be serving on the owners. More broadly it does raise the question of the state of buildings along Green Lanes.

Can you let me know also if the occupants of 423 have been evacuated."


Simillar concerns about other buildings on Green Lanes occurred to me. Good to see that Zena is on the case.




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