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Hi can anyone shed some light on what happened to the Green lanes development/ Harringay village work?
I last year that money had been awarded to widen pavements, brighten up the railway bridge, plant more trees and restore 35 shop fronts etc. I think the words pavement society were even included in the plans along with a harringay village sign post. It all seems to have gone very quiet.

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Thankfully, you've been misinformed about the "Harringay Village" sign. The addition of the signpost to Harringay Green Lanes Station on the bridge is the only rather disappointing thing that we got in terms of a 'gateway',

As for the rest of it, it's been delivered. Click the tag I added under your post for more. For me the best part was the Salisbury Exterior makeover.

I rather like the bridge signs, and the flaking paint behind them.
I find the result in some way romantic, and a perfect visual metaphor for the area.



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