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Haringey Parking Services have sent me an email this morning categorically stating that I can park my car in Zone B of the Green Lanes CPZ with my Zone A residents permit.  Hoorah!  Can't remember the last time I got something for nothing out of the Council!

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I dare you to actually do this. Don't think you'll get a ticket and have to appeal it?

Come September, when my son starts "big school" in Zone B, we'll be testing it out twice a day, 5 days a week!  That's potentially £600 a week in PCNs - could probably send him to a half decent prep school for that!  Watch this space.....

I have just checked with the Head of Parking at Haringey Council.  This is indeed correct, permit holders of Green Lanes A can use it in Green Lanes B.  Anyone who gets a ticket, do get in touch but the official line is you shouldn't get a fine.

Does it work the other way round? Can B holders park in A?

Be careful - I am not convinced it does work the otherway round.  I will check with Ms Cunningham on Monday and report back.

I'd be grateful if you would, Karen. It would seem very strange however to say one group have the right to park in both zones, but another group is limited to only one. Formal confirmation would be most helpful.

Yup. B can park in A. I am B

and have parked in A for years. Ever since it was first introduced. I remember there being something written on the documents when the CPZ was introduced to us. Of course I have nothing in writing though...


Antoinette, I hope you drive your kids between zones in a massive 4x4 ;)

I certainly do not!  Two wheels good; four wheels bad; 4 x 4 positively sinful.  I'd shove him on the back of my motorbike but his legs aren't yet long enough to reach the passenger foot pegs!  More broccolli - that what's required!

Whats with the 4WD bashing? Why are they positively sinful. I'd say the typical MPV is just as bad if not worse, and there's plenty of those about.

Having recently looked at new cars I know that your typical MPV produces around 190g co2 per kilometer and gives 40 MPG, where a 4WD with a similar spec engine delivers 160g CO2, and 47 mpg.

Either way, as you say four wheels bad!

My objection is not to the cars themselves (I am a 24 carat petrol-head after all) but the ******s who drive them in central London.  Up a hill, great.  On Haverstock Hill, doing the school run, BAD, and I don't mean in a Michael Jackson way.... 



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