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Police have closed off Green Lanes from the juntion with Endymion Road and just south of Hermitage Road (presume another cordon at the Manor House crossroads too). All traffic coming south being diverted down Endymion Road.

No access to Hermitage Road for residents unless on foot!

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We were coming back from a walk along the New River from Woodberry Down and I spoke to the policeman at the barrier. Apparently the incident was a motor vehicle versus pedestrian at the Manor House crossroads.

How awful. 

Your flippancy seems incredibly crass, it's not a sporting contest.

Best wishes for the pedestrian.

I saw no flippancy, Ian. Are you sure you’re not being a tad too ready to take offence?

I can appreciate it wasn't intentional, but describing an incident in which it appears someone may have been seriously injured as 'motor vehicle versus pedestrian' is - in my opinion - flippant.

I'm not one to be easily offended, but think it's justified in the circumstances.

I see. I had thought your comment had been directed at Matt's reply. Thanks for clearing that up.

As to the expression I used, I apologise if I've raised anyone's blood pressure with my chosen words. To be honest, I wasn't feeling in the slightest bit flippant, nor disrespectful. Without any thought, I repeated the expression used by the police officer. Since it was one that has become very common over the past decade, I wasn't in the least taken aback by it and repeated it as a matter of course. The next time it comes to mind in conversation or at the tip of my finger, this exchange will give me pause for thought.

Reading this thread I also found myself confused as to why Matt was being accused of being flippant. I'm sorry to read that Ian was upset by your choice of words Hugh but, having read/heard that expression many times previously, they were simply clear and informative to me. While I share the hope that the pedestrian will fully recover I also hope the driver of the vehicle will not suffer from emotional or other trauma as a result of this collision. At this point, we do not know whose fault this collision was which may be why the police use such simple descriptive language.

You can now access Hermitage Road with a vehicle, if you can show proof of address that you live there



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