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It baffles me how the Greek orthodox church doesn't get heaps of complaints for having loud events in such a residential area.  They regularly host parties and events in the church hall that go way past an appropriate hour and the music is so loud.  I am amazed no one else is bothered by it.

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Not meaning to be offensive, but when one moves to an area, I feel like one should make efforts to adapt to the culture. If the "Greek" Church are seriously playing loud music or making excessive noise after midnight, then fine, make a complaint to the Council and they will deal with it. If not, then maybe you should've done some more research before deciding where to move 

Complaints have been made caroline and the council has been involved, nothing changes. And I agree with everybody’s replies that the ‘I was here before you’ mentality doesn’t wash, and in itself is not very neighbourly. 

"maybe you should've done some more research before deciding where to move" - Yeah you can live in Lausanne Rd for 80% of the week and miss out on a church service or wedding that fills up the street with cars. I mean it's a church, you'd think they'd be Christians.

I take it that the volume of the music at their late night parties is not something you have experienced or you would not be so flippant and thoughtless. This is not people moving into Covent Garden and complaining about the tourists, this is a bad neighbour throwing loud parties on a regular basis and should be dealt with accordingly. There should be no deference to potential cultural proclivities to not give a crap about anyone who's not Greek.

That church is a bad neighbour.

Holy God - a helluva stretch of moral high ground clambered onto here over what seems to be a specific if chronic noise problem at unsuitable hours. But folks, though you allude to the demise of the defunct Living Wightman, to the big fat Greek wedding problem, with or without plate smashing, and to village customs of priests wandering into local houses at will,  you forget to invoke the East-West Schism of 1054 and subsequent decades, not to mention the very unacceptable anti-woman prejudices of the Monks of Mount Athos.  Christ, just like the parties at St Peter-St John's, we could be here all night, but maybe the Council could cut the Gordian Knot for you and save all this bellyaching. After all, even if Gina is more conscious of the 2022 vote than of the 1054 split, and Emina has abandoned our once Greco-Turkish Ladder heartland to climb her own personal ladder elsewhere, Zena can be the answer to all your civic problems and irritations. Give her a call - indeed she may already be on her way. Hope this helps. 

I have no idea as to whether or not it is due to my ethnicity, but she has never responded to one of my emals to her. Never. 



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