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My partner and I have been taking Spanish lessons from Luis (lflenci@hotmail.com). He is from Peru.

He is a brilliant teacher, very flexible in terms of the material he uses depending on the students interest and ability. He goes as fast or as slow as you want.

He comes to your house and his prices are very reasonable.

I would certainly recommend him.

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I have lessons with Luis twice a week and I am very pleased with my progress.
He is always well prepared and patient and makes his lessons very interesting.
I recommend him if you want to learn or improv your Spanish.

Does he have a website which gives a bit more detail?  And an idea of cost?  I'm a little nervous about having a stranger come to my house tbh. 

I don't think he has a website. I don't think this is the place to discuss charges, just phone him and ask. I would have no hesitation in reassuring you regarding him coming to your house. He's been coming here for over a year and he is the nicest guy you could imagine!

Gracias Martina



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