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We have a large private attic room, with ensuite toilet and shower available for short-term or Monday- Friday rent. The room is perfectly suited for those wanting a private space as is very quiet, and has a large desk to work at with free wifi. It’s conveniently located, 2 minutes’ walk from Seven Sisters station, on the fast Victoria Line and is 20 minutes from central London.

All the details are given on our Airbnb site.

For regular Monday to Friday rent on  a monthly basis is £550.

Happy to be contacted directly about the room if interested.



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Don't make me laugh. It has nothing to do with mortgage prices.

If you have to work away from home, 300 pounds a week is still cheaper than staying five nights in many hotels. And although I regularly work away, I wouldn't want a mortgage on the hotels I stay in.

stephen - it's also 'cheaper' than staying at the waldorf but that's not the point is it ?

I think it's a reasonable price for non-residential accomodation.

Here in Germany business hotels tend to average at 99€ a night.. can be as low as 69€, but with not much breakfast. I imagine London hotel prices are higher than that.

So all in all. I think it's reasonable.

Look, not sure if this is being read right. Airbnb is a hotel alternative for one off stays. I thought it might be useful to people who have friends, colleagues or family that might need a room for a night or two. We are not intending to charge anyone £300 per week which is why I took it down- as I had described it wrong. Sorry for the confusion.

As per my original post- we are looking for around £550 per month including all bills. And again, as stated would be happy to discuss this with anyone directly interested.



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