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We have a large private attic room, with ensuite toilet and shower available for short-term or Monday- Friday rent. The room is perfectly suited for those wanting a private space as is very quiet, and has a large desk to work at with free wifi. It’s conveniently located, 2 minutes’ walk from Seven Sisters station, on the fast Victoria Line and is 20 minutes from central London.

All the details are given on our Airbnb site.

For regular Monday to Friday rent on  a monthly basis is £550.

Happy to be contacted directly about the room if interested.



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Do you take housing benefit?


Do you take housing benefit?



In theory, we have no problem taking in someone who is receiving housing benefits. This is new for me, but referencing the government letting your room guide-

Anyone who rents a room from a private landlord and is on a low income is subject to the Local Housing Allowance rules for Housing Benefit purposes.

The Local Housing Allowance is a way of calculating Housing Benefit for tenants in the private rented sector and was introduced nationally in 2008. The rates are based on rents in the local areas. The applicable rate depends on the area where a person lives and their household size. The criteria used, takes account of the number of people occupying the property, their ages and the composition of the household. Housing benefit, under the Local Housing Allowance rules will automatically be paid to tenants rather than to landlords.

Therefore as long as you could cover the rent.

Please be aware, we are not looking for a long-term tenant, and if not a short- term let- then are only looking for Monday to Friday lodger.


Are you serious ? £300 per week for a room - That's a lot more than the mortgage for the whole house or am i missing something here

You're missing something, that's quite reasonable. Cheap even.

You're definitely missing something if you think £300 is high for a monthly mortgage payment for a house around here...unless you bought decades ago that would be very low on a FLAT. 

Just to clarify- I was talking about as though someone was staying for the week only like on airbnb. I have taken that out- as I think you are right, it is confusing and not what I was trying to say.

For someone looking for a room for a month or two, then we are happy to discuss a monthly rent which includes all bills.

Ideally looking for someone who needs a base Monday- Thursday/ Friday on a regular basis again, happy to discuss.

You're not missing anything James. It's ridiculously expensive. Affordable rent in Haringey and indeed in london is no longer possible even for someone on a decent wage with studio flats going for 1500 pcm. Local people can no longer live here. My brother who has lived here in Haringey for 30 years can no longer afford to, he's moved to Leytonstone where a pokey 1 bed flat is costing him 1000 pcm for a one year contract. It's outrageous and you are right to question it.

I don't know how anyone can justify charging someone £300 per week for a room and on top of that it's for only 5 days per week. (Abster that works out at £1200 per month if it was £300 PER MONTH i wouldn't be posting here right ?) If anyone here is paying more than £1200 per month on their mortgage i'd love to hear from them.

OMG! I missed it. I thought it was per month! :(

Misread as per month, sorry.
I agree James, just because landlords can, does it mean they should?



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