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Great New South Indian Restaurant in West Green Road - Chennai Express

Do try this out. We've now had two meals from this restaurant - one in and one take-away. Both were delicious and extremely good value. It's a small place in the Tottenham end of West Green Road - just past Lawrence Close. They've set it up really well with great simplicity. But most important is the high quality of the cooking. Fresh flavours indeed. A real gem that is a pleasure to support!

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I strongly agree.  Our positive review here.

Unfortunately I posted my comment in a thread about the rubbish along West Green Road in the evening - and possibly other times of the day?  If our Council was the slightest bit serious about "regenerating" Tottenham, they'd hum "Farewell, been good to know yah", to their overpaid senior consultants - top salary £1050 per day. And instead use at least part of the money to experiment with ways of getting the basics right.  One of which is clean streets!

So If you're taking a look at Chennai Express, 118A West Green Road, please ignore the streetscene. And don't be put off either, by the rather bare look of the place at present. Take the friendly and helpful advice of the owners about what they're serving and how much to order.

We just discovered it this evening and we're incredibly impressed. We traveled around South India for 2 months recently - and this place matched the very best food that we had over there! We both had the Chennai Thali, £10 each for 3 meat dishes, 2 veg dishes, rice, bread, sweet and raitha, plus also soup to start. The guy running it also told us that they hope to have an alcohol license within the next week.

Was also impressed by how nice and peaceful it was in there, despite being on West Green Road.

Went there last week and can definitely recommend.  Very reasonable prices and friendly attentive staff too.

This place is fantastic. Really, really tasty (an authentic) Dosas. And, as other posters have said, very friendly staff. Highly recommened.  


Just what (the Seven Sisters end of) West Green Road needed as well. Hopefully we’ll see a greater variety of eateries opening up soon.

I can vouch for the chennai as well....fantastic food!
This place is very special, one of the best new restaurants I've been to in London. It's a simple place and they are still setting the place up, but the food is unbelievably good and amazing value!

The best South Indian food I've had in London. Freshly made and at a fantastic price. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Heard on the grapevine that this place is closing down next month. Real shame. Anyone know why? (Or anyone know if there's anything to do to stop it?)

It's definitely still going, luckily.. However, I haven't been able to get through to them over the phone for the past month or so (despite it being open whenever I go past) - does anyone know if they've changed their number, or what the issue could be?  

Great good to know-been wanting a local dosa restaurant. Will definitely try it. The only two Indian restaurants I eat from locally are Jashans and now Indika-both excellent.

I'm not sure the restaurant is still operating. The space looks like it's being by another group. Such a shame. I'll really miss the Dosas. I'd be interested to find out why they closed.  It looks like Flavours of India at the Turnpike Lane end of the road has shut down too. 

When I spoke to the Chennai Express guys recently they said they were closing as the landlord wouldn't give them a long enough lease to make it worthwhile them investing in upgrading the kitchen. Such a shame, great waiter and chef, and it was a great addition to the area. 



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