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Great effort at community project by local artist - let's support her

Following a discussion about the design for the Harringay Bridge Banner (in what became the 7th most popular discussion ever on HoL), local artist Rachel Lillie offered to lead a community project to design a banner. This was knocked back by the Council. So Rachel suggested getting local people together to make a banner that would at least represent a local effort at depicting our community and show the sort of thing that could have been done if the Council were more receptive.

She organised an opportunity for folks to get together in Finsbury Park a couple of weeks ago. Disappointingly no one turned up. I went along but got there too late.

But Rachel's not let go and she's trying again. She's putting a huge amount of effort, even putting together little banner making kits and putting them through people's doors:


I think what Rachel's doing is great and would love to see her getting support with the idea. I'm working with the kit that Rachel put through my door the other day with my partner. I'll post a picture of our effort when its done for you all to laugh at. (It will I'm quite sure be risible).

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What a lovely idea.  Can you get hold of a kit for me and I'll have a stab at something. We're not strictly in Harringay but we're only footsteps away and as Edi's the chef at the Salisbury I think we should have a stake in the banner!  Not a steak though, there's enough meat on Green Lanes.
Hello Hornsey cupcake, I can pop along to the Salisbury and give a pack to Edi ? Or email your address to me rachel_lillie@live.co.uk. Thanks!
B R I L L I A N T   H U G H ! ! !

Oh yes please, give a pack to Edi. Thank you, we love craft projects!

Great thank you!
Hi Rachel
I will message you.

For some reason Rachel, The Camden People has picked up your story in their daily paper-li 'newspaper' - just over half-way down in a place of honour indeed!

Okay, got round the being laughed at by getting a little helper to do it!. So it's a big big-up to little Anthony (10 on Wednesday)!



....we can't guarantee the bits will stay stuck, though. Will cling film work? :o)

Hi Hugh, will ask Xanthe, Art teacher at South Harringay. Great idea.
Great, thanks Lucy.
This is BRILLIANT! Not sure I get the cling film idea?!
Just to hold the bits on. :o|



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