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We have for sale just under 100KG of Oyster Pebbles.

They were originally bought from stonewarehouse.co.uk


They are currently split over 10 plastic sacks (around 10KG each).

We are asking for £20 the lot.

This is significantly cheaper than buying them direct and they would only be available in larger quantities.

Buyer collects, PM for address and details.

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Hi Ralph.

Do you think that 100kg worth is enough to cover the front part of a terrace house (where people keep the bins etc)


There's a quantity calculator on the link to stone warehouse in the original.  Even if the pebbles were laid one layer deep (40mm) that would only cover around 1.4m² so it might cover a strip 50mm by 2.8m or something similar.  Probably best suited to a small border or around a few trees or potted plants.

We just did our front which we calculated to be 6.4m² but we had all the concrete taken out all the way around the bay window.  We laid it around 50-80mm deep which  took around 750Kg on top of a sharp sand bed and a weed proof membrane.  Not sure if you'd need as much if you were just spreading it decoratively on the concrete.

Hope this helps you decide,

All the best

Thanks Ralph.

Will have a look at the calculator. :)

4 bags have gone now so that leaves only 6. (Approx 60kg). £2 a bag!

Hi Ralph, I'm keen to take the remaining bags if they're still available? Could get on Sunday

Thanks Tom, will send you a pm with the details!

Grrreat - thanks!



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