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Can anyone recommend a good GP in Harringay - child friendly please - as I have a one year old son.   I've been researching online and a lot of the surgeries get very mixed reviews - long waiting times for appointments etc.

Thanks - all advice greatly appreciated.

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I think that long waiting times for appointments are, unfortunately, something of an inevitability in London. Sometimes you will be better off going to a walk-in centre if it isn't serious but you want to be seen quickly.

However, waiting times aside, I'm with West Green Surgery and I've found the doctors there to be pretty good. The reception staff are a bit brusque and difficult sometimes, but the doctors seem to really care and take the time to listen when you're in the appointment. Their website is here with contact details and such: http://www.westgreensurgery.co.uk/

I'm registered at Bridge House surgery on Umfreville road. I've found the GP's here to be lovely for a variety of issues and they tend to go the extra mile. My primary GP is Dr Haas who is extremely nice but have had good experiences with the others as well. They've moved onto a system of booking appointments on the day - you have to call either in the morning or early afternoon. That has its pros and cons but I've been able to get in so far. I don't have kids but the doctors have a nice warm manner and I imagine they'd be good.

I'm also with Bridge Road Practice on Umfreville Road and have been for nearly 10 years. All the doctors have been great with me and my children, and the nurses are good too. There appointment system does drive me a bit crazy sometimes and occasionally I've had to call them a few times to get an appointment when I want - but they have always fitted my children in the same day when I've thought they need to be checked.

Just a word of warning about Bridge House: I'm sure they're OK with general stuff, but if you have ongoing conditions requiring repeat prescriptions they are a complete nightmare. I was with them for several years and they messed up around half of all prescription requests I made in that period - but I simply couldn't face changing GPs. Doctors there however were always very pleasant as were the nurses and the Practice Manager.

I can highly  recommend the bridge house practice. Both my husband and myself have been registered for more than 10years, and have had a wonderful service. When we had our sons we continued to have a brilliant service.... my youngest son (3yrs) has a long term medical condition and needs vital medication at least twice a month and has done for 2years, a repeat prescription has never been missed/ messed up. He also has had other conditions which in total have needed referrals to three different consultants again all handled very well. Considering how the NHS is crumbling around us.... this practice does exceptionally well.  Receptionists are really helpful too.  

Does anyone else have experiance of West Green Surgery? After a couple of nightmare doctors in Haringey I really want to find a good one.

Lawrence House Surgery on Philip Lane are brilliant. Lots of GPs there. I've previously had a total nightmare experience but my GP retired and we were all transferred to LHS and they're great. Oh and they are next door to a chemist. I'd totally recommend you join them if you're in the catchment area. 

Thank you very much. Do you know if they have any female doctors?

Yes they do. There are several doctors there. Be warned, like all GPs you often have to wait a bit after your appointment time but today I saw a GP and it was only a few minutes after my appt. I've also read a lot of bad reviews about GPs in the area but these guys are great.

Depends where you live but I am registered with Queenswood medical practice in crouch end, next to Park rd pools. They have always been amazing with me and my 2 sons. I never have a problem getting appointments at very short notice and they have staff who specialise in pedeatric care and they have been fantastic with my son who has been very poorly at times. The surgery is very clean, efficient and has a range of complimentary therapies too and a pharmacy on site. The downside is walking there from harringay as it takes about 30 mins (not always ideal with a sick child!). But if you have a car they have free on site parking.

Thanks everyone for your advice. Much appreciated.

Re. Lawrence House Surgery, I should add that you can book appts and make repeat prescription requests online ( as well as on the phone, of course) and I've never had a problem getting a same day appt when it has been necessary. 



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