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I'm having to change GP due to having issues with my current practice. I have been dealing with some pretty heavy duty symptoms due to chronic illness. As a result, I'm needing a GP/GP practice who has experience of dealing with long term illness and/or is empathetic, supportive and open minded when dealing with patients with complex health needs. I am in the Wood Green area. I know most GPs have catchment areas, although some are willing to accept patients who are slightly further out.

Please do let me know if you can recommend any good GPs - it's getting quite urgent.

Thank you immensely for reading and any suggestions shared in advance!

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... we used to be Dr Ansari's patients on Green Lanes until she retired and after looking at all the local practices we joined the Vale practice in Crouch End... it's very good...

50 Park Rd, London N8 8SU

020 8347 3330

Vale practice is great but they are very strict on their catchment area. I remember walking in for the first time and before I could even introduce myself they asked for my exact postcode and even though I explained to them that all my house mates were signed up to them they only allowed me to continue the conversation once they had checked on gooGoo maps. Now I moved a 5 minute walk down the road and am no longer welcome there. Thank you all for your comments west green sounds like a good alternative.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the suggestion, Roger. Unfortunately, I'm not in the catchment area.

I joined the West Green practice last year and am very impressed with their efficiency and attitude.

339-341 West Green Road.

Yes we moved to the West Green practice too, after Dr Ansari retired. The difference was amazing - at West Green the doctors take time to listen to you and explain things in detail. They also spotted my severe vitamin D deficiency which was causing me a lot of pain, and put me on a prescription dose, which was missed at the previous practice.

Thank you, John D, the suggestion is really appreciated. Unfortunately, I'm not in the catchment area.

Another vote for West Green. The surgery doesn't look great (not like the posh ones in Crouch End!) but the doctors are all good in my experience. They don't hesitate to refer to specialists if they think you need it. It's also reasonably easy to get an appointment. 

Thank you so much Charlotte. Unfortunately, I'm not in the catchment area for West Green.

Bridge House health care center is a dreadful doctor's surgery with an awful doctor by the name of Joanna Marion Haas.

The surgery that I have registered at which I have been with is Queenswood and they are excellent.

Thank you so much for the suggestion, Anna. I'm currently trying to find out if I am in the catchment area.



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