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Can anyone recommend a GP in the catchment area of St Ann's Road or thereabouts?

Absolutely despairing of my current surgery (St Ann's) but have read incredibly negative things about just about all the alternatives as well - is anyone in London actually happy with their GP?!

Would love to know as well as have advice! (and yes I know the NHS is under incredible stress, it has my continued love and support even whilst I can't get an appointment without taking a day off work...)

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I joined the West Green Surgery earlier this year. very happy with them. 339-341 West Green Road. tel 020 8881 9606. St Ann's Rd is in their catchment area. More at www.westgreensurgery.co.uk

I love West Green but it's always rammed. Probably due to being one of the rare non-crap options in the area.

I've never had to wait long. If it's urgent you can just turn up in the morning without an appointment and be seen within an hour.

If you ask for an appointment it can be a week to 10 days but that's standard for a GP surgery.

In the last year I've had referrals for an MRI scan and for back surgery - both at private clinics but NHS pays.

I've had to wait a minimum of 30 mins beyond booked time every time I've been in recently, sometimes longer. Not complaining about quality of treatment once you're in the room, just saying it's been bursting at the seams lately.

Darn, my road is approximately one metre out of the catchment area for them! Thanks

I'm with West Green too and I think they're great. Really good GPs and they don't hesitate to refer when necessary. They are going to be running the new health centre on Green Lanes too I believe, when it's built on the old Hawes and Curtis site. 

Thanks! Shall keep my out for the new one as I'm just out of the zone for West Green

I had the ame problem when my previous surgery closed. INow at Lawrence House, on Philip LAne, & impressed with them. & I'd say avoid West Green Surgery! - I see someone else recommends them, but I had v bad experience & left.


check Queenswood medical practice, I had this nightmare three years ago and changed to this one abd they are really good.




I am at the Lawrence House Surgery and am not unhappy. I can always get an appointment on the day



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