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I rang Veolia this afternoon to enquire about the cost of having a sofa and armchair collected. How much did it cost? Nada, zilch, zip. Apparently for a (very?) short period during the changeover from Enterprise to Veolia they're making collections for free. So if you have some stuff you need to get rid of, phone tomorrow- 020 8885 7700.

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Brilliant news, thanks Hugh! Will certainly be making use...
Really useful to know, thanks Hugh.
I saw some operatives with clip boards yesterday in Crouch End and told them about a massive bag of branches that had been left on Denton Road for three weeks.  It was cleared within half an hour. I was suitably impressed!  And yes, wow to the big stuff collection!
Unless you are a boss why would you want to get rid of someone who sticks up for workers' rights and the safety of the travelling public?  Why don't you focus your attention on getting rid of greedy bankers and politicians.
Yes Alex, I found this a bit unnecessary as well. You don't find too many shy retiring types leading unions, and a good thing too.
OTOH, Eric Pickles....

What a great service; just called to arrange for a load of garden fencing to be collected. Thanks for the tip Hugh!

Great tip Hugh. They have agreed to collect some stuff from us next Thursday. Thanks.

Except . . . they won't take ANY building rubble . . . Enterprise used to quote for it . . . so I had to go to the internet - called up 'Nice Man With Van' - anything but!! Quoted £70 on the phone then he turned up and to my face started saying 'Oh there's about 40 bags here' (there were 30) 'very heavy aren't they?' well yes it's rubble from the old path but I (a weedy woman) can lift them - 'that'll be about . . . (long pause while he tries to figure how much he can take me for) £170 . . . When I said er, thanks but no thanks, Mr Rip Off merchant started complaining and saying there was a £40 call-out charge! (Which of course he had neglected to tell me on the phone) When I went inside he rang the doorbell several times then put an illiterate note through my door saying as I was not in (!) there would be a £40 call out charge and I should pay it if I didn't want to be prosecuted . . . What utter BS . . . Avoid this gangster like the plague . . .





You could try asking, here and on Freecycle, if anyone wants any hardcore. I had a similar load of sacks of bits of concrete - it's a resource, if for example you are building an extension. Clean hardcore with no old tyres or supermarket trolleys, is hard to find. A nice man turned up with a van and took away all my sacks of hardcore, for free. Everybody won.


[PS Just googling 'hardcore offered' may take you places you didn't want to know about.]

Should add, I had put it on Freecycle, my collector guy was not one of the fraudsters, he really was building an extension. Someone in the Ladder must be doing just that.


Rubbish isn't always rubbish. In this case, even what is literally landfill, is a resource. One of the enviro-team people said at a forum a couple of years ago, that LBH is now redefining rubbish as a resource, with commercial value.  Now if our neighbours will all just learn to sort their resource properly...



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