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Google Earth goes 3D for Harringay (oh and most of the rest of London)

Hi All, 

I've been waiting for this for a long time! Google have released a 45 degree tilt imagery data set which means that their software can work out building heights.

This is the result on Google Earth for a local landmark

And you can see the image is from 19 July 2013. So just about a year ago...

And another one.

So to see your rubbish bins in 3D as well on on street view. 

Download, install and openGoogle Earth, and when that opens on the bottom left in the panel make sure you have "3D Buildings" ticked

Zoom in to Harringay (Or enter your postcode in the search box on the top left:

Then use the controls on the top right to zoom in / out - and critically to pan the camera angle.

As you do that the 3D Harringay will appear.

Could waste hours....

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And if I was sunbathing nude in my back garden on 7/19/2013, will they enhance, enlarge, diminish or airbrush it?  (The pronominal object of my question is non-specific.)

if they didn't get you this time they will eventually. There are a lot of satellites up there looking down...

there's a 19th month?

North American

No need to install google earth, it's all in google maps as well.

Thanks for that.



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