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Good Malaysian Pop-up in Finsbury Park - 10 days only @SambalShiok

We went to Salvation in Noodles on Blackstock Road this evening for a fix of noodles, only to find that it's become a Malaysian pop-up for a couple of weeks whilst the owner is away.

It turned out to be a happy accident. The nasi lemak I had wasn't what I'd normally eat on the streets of KL, but it was a damn fine take on the dish which, I hate to say, I actually preferred to many a Malaysian nasi lemak I've eaten.

The place was full when we were there. So it seems like I'm not alone. Its run by Mandy who made her start with Sambal Shiok at Harringay Market.

There's a short menu, but probably all the better for that. Well worth a try, but probably best avoided if you don't like your food spicy.

Salvation in Noodles, 2 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park N4 2DL

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Thanks for the heads up, I struggle to find good Malay food will def go visit!!!

Olivia - there's Penang Penang on Turnpike Lane, just west of the junction with Green Lanes.  I don't know enough to say if it's " good "  Malay food, but I always enjoy eating there.

Thanks will try out!
Hmm, from my experience of Penang, best try Rasa Sayang on Macclesfield Street.

Good Malaysian food isn't easy in London and that's a crying shame because it's a country with a wonderful cuisine. Mandy who is Malay Malaysian started off on a mission to put right what the high street Malaysians got so wrong.

If you want a more competent but not exciting Malaysian more oriented towards Chinese Malaysian, there's C&R in Rupert Court on the fringes of Chinatown. There used to be a good satay place on Upper Street that always drew the crowds at the London (Hertfordshire) Merdeka Day knees up. I'm not sure whether it's still there or not. For good roti canai, there's the Roti King - was in CX Rd, now up by Euston.

Thank you for that Hugh.




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