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Thanks to everyone who helped get it to happen - the GLSG meeting minutes now appear to be getting put up on the council GLSG page.

Hopefully we can get the agenda there too before the meetings happen.

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Hurrah! And nice to see that Ian Sygrave, the ladder's only representative on this committee (ten thousand people!) nixed the attendance at meetings of a representative of the Hewitt Rd RA. No wonder they're reluctant to post these minutes.

I think you'll find Adam attends a lot of them as elected representative (FODC, FOFP etc), both in and around the ladder. 

"Elect, and you will get", that's how proper democratic community groups tend to work.

Not quite, he gets thrown out for the secret second half. I'm not complaining but I've never voted for Ian. He just happens to be the one who is the most organised and wants the job.

I have never voted for Gina or David, or Rob but everyone on that panel has been voted in by their democratic community group or at the ballot box. You create a democratic community group that represents people then you have a good chance of gaining a representative.

Unelected, serial moaners will not have a chance.

Those folk put themselves on the line in 2002, where were you?

Its clearly not quite as simple as "Elect, and you will get", for example, as just pointed out the Hewitt Rd RA apparently tried and were turned down. Adam is listed here as a full member so shouldn't be getting thrown out of the second half, but its also worth pointing out that most FODC and FOFP members had no idea Adam was going along as their representative and we (FODC or FOFP) get no feedback or input to the GLSG from him that i know of, similarly with the LCSP the only times that i recall documented discussions in LCSP meetings about GLSG items is after they get brough to our attention from somewhere else (probably from Hugh/HoL). This is why i've been campaigning to get the GLSG agenda and minutes made public.

I attended once and got a rather heartfelt earful from Shef basically telling me how awesome he was and how insignificant I was. It wasn't quiet either. I was surprised everyone else just let him do it. Certainly when David Schmitz tried to speak out of turn Nilgun slammed him for it and compared him to a well known Greek local.

If I was Adam and this happened even occasionally then I would stop attending, just saying.

You don't have to vote for Gina or David, they represent you because enough other people voted for them. In fact Gina got more than 2000 votes and David 1500 and something, fifteen more than Nora Mulready. That was in a well publicised and hotly contested election.

"These folks put themselves on the line in 2002, where were you?" - well yes indeed, perhaps it's time for some of them to step aside. I'd like Ant on that committee instead of Shef for one thing.

I didn't know Ant was part of the Traders Association? Why should those democratically elected move over for message board antagonists?

Adam is one of the few I truly trust, he' s a doer and not full of negative hot air.

I would have paid good money to watch you berate Shef in the McMullen way.

There's a clue on HoL as to how to spell my surname but I'll leave that you you to find. I agree about Adam, a lot of man love there from me too.

Me berate Shef? No, he berated me. Told me how many committees he sat on and how important he was etc etc, just the kind of person we need. I took it from the fact that nobody said anything to him that it was not untypical.

I meant I would like Ant, as a well connected and motivated member of the community, on the GLSG instead of Shef who just complains about competition from other hairdressers, that I am aware of.

Sorry was on a phone Jon.

We differ, you need a calm balanced person which aint you or me. Ant doesn't represent me, Shef represents the TA. Thats not hard to grasp is it?

Good luck with getting Ladder representation but there are ways of doing things. Adam and Andy Newman get things done with limited agitation, their approach is one to follow.

To be honest if I was on the GLSG I wouldn't wantany internet agitators have representation either.

Pub, bye.

Yes, Andy's methods are something I have observed and I consider him to be pretty amazing at convincing people to do things. One thing he does which he must laugh at HoL over is, he prints out photographs of things and pushes them under the noses of council officials in front of the rest of the GLSG. This says to me that if a council official possibly can ignore some evidence they will. I see no other reason for Andy doing that.

Do we understand the implications for all our moaning and publishing on HoL? Nothing, but nothing happens around here unless it happens at that meeting. It's a shame because I was hoping that digital democracy was here but just look how long it's taken to get these minutes!

We think that all the outrageous stuff that happens around here that we draw attention to on HoL is worthy of being resolved but we end up just talking to ourselves whilst the people who should be listening, i.e. the people who serve us in Haringey, quietly slink back to their desks.

Perhaps you're right Birdy, the ten thousand residents of the Harringay Ladder should have a few more non political representatives on the GLSG. I think Ian can be the bottom third, Duckett to Finsbury Park. Hugh or Matt can be the middle, Mattison to Beresford. Ant can do the top, Effingham to Sydney. They're all about GRA sized aren't they?

Am I right in thinking you were going to organise a Ladder RA, if so what has happened to it?

Is HRRA legit or a group set up to agitate the GLSG, genuine question?



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