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Friends of the Earth has been lobbying the candidates for London Mayor on their support for 10 key environmental policies. The results are here:. basically the Green (Sian Berry) and LibDem (Caroline Pidgeon) candidates scored 10, Labour’s Sadiq Khan 8 (his biggest failing is still supporting airport expansion at Gatwick), and Conservative Zac Goldsmith 7.4.

 In the Enfield and Haringey GLA constituency, the responses we have had so far are, in alphabetical order by surname, as follows (and we would like to thank the candidates for taking the time to reply).

 Nicholas da Costa, LibDem

Yes, supports all ten policy asks

 Linda Kelly, Conservative

Linda sent in detailed comments on each policy(see below), overall she supports 6 policies outright, and 2 others partially – and supports airport expansion but outside London

 Joanne McCartney, Labour

Joanne has sent in a reply setting out what she supports and will lobby for if elected (see below). Overall she fully supports 9 policies and on Gatwick, if that option is pursued, will argue for stringent environmental controls.

 Godson Ozo – All Peoples Party

no reply

 Ronald Stewart – Green Party

Yes, supports all the 10 policy asks.

 Neville Watson, UKIP

Yes, supports all the 10 policy asks.

 In more detail:

Linda Kelly, Conservative

1. Clean up London’s air now – bring it within EU legal limits and make it safe for Londoners to breathe.

Zac has a green plan for London which I will support should I am lucky enough to be elected with Zac.  Should Zac be elected he will chair TFL directly, promote the scrappage scheme,  turning taxi's from diesel to electric, consult communities on rxpanding and strengthening Ultra Low Emission Zone, rolling out public transport and clean car alternatives i.e. electric option.  This will include Charging for London, to deliver the equivalent of Boris Bike - electric cars and buses.

2. Make cycling safer – so Londoners feel confident about taking to bikes.

I  personally do not believe lorries should be allowed in the London after 06.00 am  in the morning till 10.00 pm in the evening, I should like to see their deliveries limited to the late evening.  However, if they are around, I will support your point not only to protect cyclists but all road users.

3. Curb noise, air and climate change pollution from aviation.

Zac already opposes the runway at Heathrow, although we do need another alternative, so I would support looking for an alternative, but not in London

4. Protect Londoners’ green spaces.

I share Zac's commitment to the greenbelt and I believe it is really needed as it is the lungs of London, I would promote planting more trees, on our highways and London street, although maintaining them will have to be considered.  I would promote more edible parks, which would greener and promote more community cohesion i.e. planting, up keeping them,  meeting place for picnics.  Zac has a commitment to pocket farms which I would support especially in schools.

5. Eradicate cold homes in London – help make fuel bills affordable.

I would support this initiative should I be elected as it would give people a better quality of life.

6. Build new homes fit for people and the planet.

Zac has a policy to back a ten-fold increase in solar over the decade ahead and supporting Zero Carbon Homes, this and other initiatives he will put forward to make energy affordable for Londoners, this will be supported by me.

7. Power London with renewable energy.

I happy to commit to this to learn from professionals how this can be achieved,  to start the journey to make London cleaner for my family and those of all Londoners

8. Stop London funding climate-changing fossil fuels.

I will commit to working with Zac to make London the Greenest City in the world and if that means reviewing divestment I will support this.

9. Keep fossil fuels in the ground.

I am sorry, I do not have enough information on this subject to answer this question at this point, I do however, know this concerns a vast number of people, however, I can say if it will be to the detriment of London and its constituents I will not vote to approve it.

10. Make London a world leader in tackling climate change.

I know Zac intends to amend the London Plan and I am happy to discuss the Paris Agreement with Zac should we be elected,


Joanne McCartney, Labour

1. Cleaning up London's air is a priority ; too many people die prematurely due to our polluted air. Labour Assembly members have consistently pressed the current Mayor to give this issue a higher priority and to move to a fully electric, hydrogen powered or hybrid bus fleet. We (and I) will press the next Mayor to do this as soon as possible. I note my Labour Mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, has committed to doing this by 2020, and as your Assembly member I would seek to hold him to this pledge and encourage him to bring this date forward.

2. I am happy to sign up to the cycling pledge and will push for these measures from the next Mayor.

3. The Labour Group on the Assembly has consistently opposed expanding Heathrow and continues to do so. If airport expansion is pursued by the government, the choice is to be made between Heathrow and Gatwick. I will continue to oppose Heathrow. If Gatwick is chosen I will argue for stringent environmental mitigation.

4. Yes, I will do all I can to protect green spaces and I support the campaign for a National City Park.

5. Energy efficiency and eradicating cold homes is an area the Labour Group has raised regularly to date. I will happily raise these issues with the new Mayor and challenge him to achieve this standard.

6. I agree wholeheartedly with this ask.

7. Yes, I am committed to making London a zero-carbon city. Labour's Mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, has committed to achieving this by 2050.

8. Yes, in fact I have already voted for an Assembly motion asking the LPFA to divest from fossil-fuel industries.

9. Yes, a big NO to fracking.

10. Yes. London needs to reclaim its place as a leader in tackling climate change and the Climate Change Action Plan needs to be reviewed and brought in line with the Paris Agreement.


Quentin Given


Tottenham & Wood Green Friends of the Earth

07946 535656


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