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Does anyone know if the lovely ginger Tom that has been hanging round the lower end of Hewitt Road these last few weeks has a home?

He's been coming to my door, he's very friendly. No collar. I've been feeding him but am worried that as the nights get colder he has nowhere to sleep undercover.


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Is it this one?


I somehow always end up trying to help with people are missing cats....
Oh Sally I wish it was. No this one is definitely older and more ginger than white. I will keep an eye out for Raffa .

Oh poor little Raffa, he has never been found....thanks for keeping an eye out for him!
I know there's a lovely ginger tom living on Seymour, quite big, and more ginger tha white? I think he lives on the top half of Seymour if it's him.
...wondering if a cat would travel thus far, but a long haired oldish ginger has gone missing behind Alexandra Park Station saw poster last week...?
I will try and get a picture of him and post it, to see if anyone knows him.
I have seen him too. We took him in to our place and left him in the back garden but when we came home he was gone. I've seen him since but am worried as he seems to have no road sense.
I think I've just seen him in passage, think it was between Allison and Hewitt. Looked healthy and appeared to have just caught a mouse...
I haven't seen him for a few days, but I think it's him that's eating the food I'm leaving out. Trying to take a pic of him to post on here, but seems he's camera shy!

This is a picture of the ginger Tom, does anyone know him?




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