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Interesting article in today's Times in its Archive series dated February 17, 1921.

Concerns ghostly visitations reported in February 1921 in a house at 8 Ferrestone Road. An 11 year old boy was at the centre of the manifestations. Crockery, food, brushes and other small objects flying off shelves and the table. Coal and crockery flying about. The sudden elevation of the child; a mahogany table rising 2 feet.

The most terrifying experience was when an apparition of the boy's mother appeared to the boy and his brother in the his bedroom - she had died of consumption the previous April.

The matter was investigated by the vicar, the police and the fire brigade but with no results.

"The family is looking anxiously for another house."

I wonder if the current occupants of 8 Ferrestone Road are aware of this history? Should they be told?

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The film Beetlejuice comes to mind ...

I don't live in that house but I know the occupants are fully aware :-) .

I mention it in my film about the street: 


Very interesting film, such a lot of history in such a short street.

Interesting, detailed and humorous film Steve. Well done, i enjoyed it.



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